Thin brows could be making a comeback

Kristine Tarbert
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It’s the 90s trend that no-one wanted to see again. Seriously.

Ask any woman if she remembers a horror eyebrow period in her life and she will likely mention the barely-there, we definitely plucked too much, thin brow trend.

But it seems that despite most people’s gratitude that it didn’t last into this decade, thin brows could indeed be making a comeback.

Just take a look at this latest British Vogue cover, featuring Rhianna.

Photo: Instagram/britishvogue

They are some pretty thin brows.

But with all of the newer brow trends – some more ridiculous than others, we’re looking at you halo brows – did we miss the fact that people were slowly reverting back to the less-is-more approach?

The signs were there last year already when Bella Hadid walked the red carpet with a very sleek brow look.

Bella Hadid was sporting thin brows on the red carpet last year. Photo: Getty

But she as always looks completely stunning, many are divided by the look on the magazine cover and begging that thin brows don’t EVER become a thing again.

“It seems like there is a pattern so I fear that it’s inevitable that thin will again be in,” one person commented on Instagram. “1960s: full, 1970s: thin, 1980s: full, 1990s: thin, 2010s full. 2020s??????? PLEASE DON’T BE THIN!”

Some called the brows on the cover “awful” or had even predicted the trend would return.

I was thinking just the other day that someone is gonna bring back pencil brows and we’re all screwed, and here we are,” was another comment.

Nooooooo, skinny brows, NOOOOO,” another person pleaded.

We’re already cringing.

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