The Wiggles' Emma Watkins laughs with ex-husband Lachlan's 'new girlfriend'

Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins pictured with ex-husband Lachlan's new love interest Dana
Emma seems friendly with her ex-husband Lachlan's new love interest Dana in this footage from the end of last year. Photo: Instagram/dana_stephensen/

For some exes, there are few prospects worse than working with a former spouse, but The Wiggles stars Emma Watkins and Lachlan Gillespie haven’t let their marriage breakdown get in the way of their professional lives.

In fact, in one recently uncovered behind the scenes video, Yellow Wiggle Emma is seen sharing a laugh with ballet dancer Dana Stephensen, who’s now rumoured to be in a relationship with her ex Lachy - the Purple Wiggle.

The video appears to have been taken last December in rehearsals for a segment featuring The Australian Ballet, where Dana is a senior dancer.

“When we found out who the dancers were, we got so excited. For me, they're dancers that I have been watching for years,” Emma said in the video.

It was here that Lachy and Dana are believed to have crossed paths for the first time, just four months after he and Emma announced their split.

But the former couple and current colleagues appear to remain on good terms, and have even come to embrace Dana into The Wiggles fold.

“All The Wiggles members, including Emma, are really happy for Lachy,” a source close to the band told The Sunday Telegraph.

Emma and Lachlan split in 2018 after two years of marriage. Photo: Getty Images
Emma and Lachlan split in 2018 after two years of marriage. Photo: Getty Images

“He and Emma remain good friends and both wish the best for one another.”

Although the pair have remained largely tightlipped about their split, Emma told The Gold Coast Bulletin at the time that she “fell out of love a little bit” before announcing the separation.

“We are not really cranky at each other, we just realised that our situation had changed... probably more from me, than from him,” she said.

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