Fans go wild for The Veronicas' State of Origin performance: 'Iconic'

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The Veronicas provided the half-time entertainment as State of Origin kicked off at the Queensland Country Bank Stadium in Townsville and it’s safe to say fans absolutely loved the performance.

The sister duo, Jess and Lisa Origliasso, appeared on stage wearing blue and red sparkly dresses by Daniel Learmont Couture, which they paired with thigh-high silver glittering Steve Madden boots and kept their hair swept up into ponytails.

Lisa Origliasso and Jessica Origliasso of The Veronicas perform before game one of the 2021 State of Origin series
The Veronicas stunned with their performance at State of Origin. Photo: Getty Images

Fans went wild as they belted out a three-song medley, including Godzilla, 4ever and their classic song, Untouched.

“How nice are The Veronicas to allow these footballers to play at their concert? Queens” one person said on Twitter.


“Has there ever been a live music performance at a sporting event in Australia, that is more iconic than the Veronicas singing Untouched?” another wrote.

“idc what anyone says or thinks but untouched and 4ever by the Veronicas are still bangers,” a Twitter user wrote.

“If you say you don’t like Untouched by The Veronicas then you’re a liar,” a fan wrote.

Lisa Origliasso and Jessica Origliasso wearing sparkly dresses at State of Origin
The sisters looked stunning in sparkly dresses and matching silver boots. Photo: Getty Images

The Veronicas' appearance came after they were kicked off Celebrity Apprentice by Lord Alan Sugar last week. 

Taking aim at producers of the reality show, the sisters blasted their portrayal, calling their edit ‘disgusting’.

“The fact they have edited this to seem like emotional manipulation and blackmailing people for sympathy is awful. Being gaslit on an edit over something so close to our hearts is truly beyond comprehension. We are grateful there was money made for all the charities involved,” they started.

“The fact you edited out all the facts, so we become entitled brats - expecting favours and using our mums condition for benefit is truly the lowest you could have gone.

I hope you pay your editors well for the souls they sell.”

The Veronicas performing on stage at State of Origin
The Veronicas sang a three-song medley, which included their iconic single Untouched. Photo: Getty Images

In an open letter to the Celebrity Apprentice crew and production staff,, The Veronicas doubled down on their claims, saying: “Portraying us strong arming other team members and outwardly using our mother’s condition for sympathy and manipulation is disgusting.”

They continued: “What you have done to us is gut wrenching, soul destroying and the lowest thing you could ever do to us as women, daughters and carers.

“You have used us at the most fragile time in our lives. This was never a game to us, this is our reality we were fighting for. Hoping to turn our pain into something positive. Things don’t get better from here for us. So you win. I hope it was worth it.”

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