The ultimate butt workout: burlesque twerking

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Ever witnessed a classical track conducted by a woman's behind? Watch on.

Squats, lunges, side-leg raises - all common moves to tighten and tone the behind.

But what about burlesque twerking?

Acclaimed US burlesque artist Michelle L’amour has given the butt-blasting move a shake-up, as a video of her booty gyrating to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony has gone viral.

In the three-minute twerking clip, Miss L’amour walks on stage in her bedazzled burlesque get-up: sequin jacket, black fishnet stockings, stilettos and G-string, complete with sparkly bow tie.

She sits down and, to the delight of the audience, starts enthusiastically and energetically twerking her behind in sync with the classical composer's famous piece. The perky performance has since been dubbed "Butthoven's Symphony" across the internet.

While it looks simple enough, we’re guessing Miss L’amour worked her booty off to perfect this performance.

Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube


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