The smart mums who believe the world is flat

It’s something we’re taught in primary school - the earth is a globe that orbits the sun.

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Ask a Flat Earther and you’ll get a completely different answer though, with a rise in the number of people – including NASA specialists and quantum physics students - believing the Earth is flat.

Arizona mum Cyndi Holland is an ex-NASA specialist who became interested in the Flat Earth movement after she saw a video on Youtube.

“I found that NASA has been giving us fake information as well as CGI images,” Cyndi told the Daily Mail.

US mum-of-four Cyndi is a firm Flat Earth believer. Photo: Facebook
US mum-of-four Cyndi is a firm Flat Earth believer. Photo: Facebook

“I believe the earth is a flattish disc with a dome (firmament). I do not believe in outer space any longer. I spend my time being a mum and researching this truth among many others.”

With the movement gathering steam on social media and Youtube, the Flat Earth Society website claims there’s evidence to support the idea.

“The horizon always rises to meet eye level - which is impossible on a ball earth,” the website reads.

“The surfaces of bodies of water has been shown to be level. If the Earth was a Globe, this would not be the case. There is no visible curvature to the horizon even from airplanes. We don't even have a full shot of the Earth rotating from space!”

Reports claim the Flat Earth movement has been popular with men, however Cyndi's just one of the increasing number of women who believe in the theory.

Round or flat? The theories abound. Photo: Getty
Round or flat? The theories abound. Photo: Getty

“I spent some time researching government agencies including NASA and discovered that almost everything they tell us is fabricated,” UK quantum physics student Sarah Capewell told the Daily Mail.

“All the images of earth from space are just CGI cartoons. It even says on the NASA website that all the 'photos' of earth are Photoshopped composites.”

However Flat Earthers have faced their fair share of sceptics on social media.

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