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The sex toy that allows you to ‘ride the rhythm’ of your favourite song

You won't be disappointed with this sex toy from Lovehoney.

When it comes to sexual weaknesses, giving up control is at the top of my list. As someone who always needs to be in charge, surrendering to someone else’s whim just gets me going.

So when Lovehoney’s ‘Juno’ dropped onto my doorstep, promising “a happier you”, I was flushed with desire. Having already discovered the power of a vibrating love egg, I could anticipate what I was in for.

But this time was different. This device was music-activated, and with a remote attached to a lanyard, I was suddenly unsure if this appliance would do the trick.

Oh, how wrong was I?

‘Feel the music coursing through your body’

The best thing about bringing a new sex toy into the bedroom with someone else, is that you both get to experience it together for the first time.

So when I whipped out my brand-spanking-new accessory, my date and I both had the chance to run through the many functions of the Juno Music-Activated Vibrating Love Egg.

The Lovehoney Juno Rechargeable Music-Activated Vibrating Egg sends music coursing through your body. Source: Lovehoney
The Lovehoney Juno Rechargeable Music-Activated Vibrating Egg sends music coursing through your body. Source: Lovehoney

Coated in a case of the softest silicon I’ve ever felt, this tool is essentially a bullet vibrator that allows you to literally feel the beat of your favourite tunes through the power of sync technology.

Placing the remote next to any sound source while using it will send vibrations rocking down below.

“If you live for music, wait until you feel it coursing through your body to get your sweet spots dancing,” the Lovehoney website says.

“After all, who said the dance tent is just for dancing.

“Simply turn up the volume and let your tunes take control of your pleasure.”


With a slimline shape, just perfect for beginners, and touted for its “multitude of buzzful possibilities”, this bullet vibe can be so much more. Lovehoney also recommends removing the vibrator’s silicone sleeve to use it externally “all over the body".

“Slide it out of its jacket and use it to tantalise your most intimate hot spots,” the website encouraged.

‘Next level couples play’

But let’s go back a step because if you recall I said any sound source.

While the toy is designed to "buzz" along with music, allowing you to “ride the rhythm” of your favourite soundtrack, my date and I were quick to realise that it will respond to any noise. Even a voice.

With my date holding it up to his mouth, the device shot to life as he went into explicit detail.

“Next level couple’s play,” Lovehoney promised.

They weren’t wrong about that.

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