The Project's Carrie Bickmore breaks down on-air in tearful farewell

The Project's Carrie Bickmore has signed off from the program for the final time after 13 years. In an emotional farewell, the host broke down in tears as she asked whether it was too late to change her mind.

Carrie announced in October she would be stepping down from the show, adding it was time for a new challenge and the next chapter.

The star, who has worked for Channel Ten for 17 years, said her final goodbye to The Project on Wednesday night, with the host breaking down as she thanked all those who had supported her over the years.

"It's going to be so weird when I hand that pass back tonight when I leave the show," she said. "It has been a wonderful ride."

Carrie Bickmore cries while presenting The Project.
Carrie Bickmore broke down during her final sign-off from The Project. Source: Channel 10

Carrie teared up as she began to thank her family for their support, and joked her son Ollie, 14, could now expect better snacks in the pantry.

The host managed to keep it together for most of her farewell but broke down when she thanked viewers at home and shared an emotional story about the time she met a fan while she was visiting a children's hospital.


"I remember once being in hospital ... and I met a group of girls who were sitting around having dinner, they were patients, and one of them pulled me aside and she said a massive thank you with tears in her eyes," Carrie said as her voice began to break.

"She said to me that she spent a lot of time in hospital and every night at 6.30pm her mum had to go home and it was the saddest part of her day because she'd sit there feeling lonely and turn on the TV and eat dinner and watch us and we kept her company and made her feel happier and less alone.

"I think of that young girl often when I'm having a flat day and missing my kids at night. I'm so glad I could keep her company."

Carrie said The Project had been the "greatest job in the world" and she hoped her children could find a job they loved as much as she loved presenting on TV.


As the audience and co-hosts applauded Carrie as she signed off, the host was met with laughter when she asked whether it was too late to change her mind.

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