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The new Aussie tanning brand that sells a bottle every nine minutes: 'My lifesaver'

The new product gives you a darker tan, faster.

Tan lovers have discovered a new product that gives you a darker tan, faster. And it's become so popular that one sells every nine minutes.

"This oil gave me a deeper, chocolate tan," raves one happy customer. "I even use it as moisturiser in the evenings for a nice glow. Highly recommend!"

Another agrees: "This is my lifesaver. It smells amazing and makes my skin so soft too."

Brunae Body products
Brunae Body tanning products contain natural oils. Photo: Supplied

Brunae Body is a range of tanning products that contain natural oils to help in the production of melanin. Melanin is a pigment found in skin cells that is essential in the tanning process. While we all have some levels of melanin in our body, those of us with higher levels generally tan faster and more deeply.

The products also contain ingredients to hydrate and nourish your skin while it's tanning.

Avocado Oil can help protect your skin from UV, increase collagen metabolism for a plump complexion and nourish dry skin. Carrot seed oil is a natural oil known to help with melanin production, and Wheat Germ Oil contains Vitamin A, B and D, as well as supporting healthy collagen production for supple-looking skin.

The products also contain nutrient-rich Coconut Oil which acts as a super-moisturiser, and Cupacu Seed butter which is packed full of fatty acids and helps tone and improve skin texture.

However, none of the products contain SPF so must be used along with sunscreen at all times.


Woman holding Brunae Body products
Brunae Body has a tanning oil and a tanning moisturiser in the range. Photo: Supplied

There are three products in the range; The Tanning Oil, $49, is lightweight and non-greasy, and promotes faster and darker natural tanning.

The Accelerating Tanning Moisturiser, $53,95, is designed to be used every day. Rich and hydrating, it can be paired with the tanning oil for a deep tan.

The Hydrating Mist, $29.95, replenishes, hydrates and cools skin after sun exposure.

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