Fans fuming at major error in The Crown trailer

Holly Hales
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Olivia Coleman plays the Queen in The Crown series three. Photo: Netflix

The Crown’s famed depiction, of Queen Elizabeth’s reign is often lauded for its commitment to historical accuracy, without budging on blockbuster entertainment value.

But the release of its season three trailer has left some royal watchers baffled after accidentally including a slip-up in reference to when a major event took place.

The royals’ next era

The newly-released preview chronicles the period surrounding the Silver Jubilee—a major string of celebrations which took place in 1977 to mark 25 years since the Queen became monarch.

In the clip, a radio announcer is heard speaking above the festive masses to acknowledge how far the royals had progressed since Her Majesty ascended the throne.

"This is Jubilee day. This is a day as gruelling as the Queen's coronation 25 years ago," he’s heard saying.

But, as pointed out by eagle-eyed royal watchers, the statement was actually incorrect, as the official coronation had taken place 24 years earlier not 25.

"Interesting. The Silver Jubilee was 24 years after the coronation, not 25,” one fan concluded on Twitter.

The Crown season three chronicles the 1970s, a tumultuous time in Britain. Photo: Netflix

The Queen became monarch on February 6, 1952—immediately following the death of her father—but her lavish crowning did not take place until more than a year later on June 2, 1953.

Blockbuster season

However, while the slip up may have stood out for some fans, others were likely distracted by the blockbuster storylines set to be explored in the latest season—set for release on Netflix on November 17.

Included in the preview was scenes of civil disobedience, the set-up of Princess Margaret’s infamous bath photo and the introduction of Prince Charles’ longtime love, Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Prince Charles comes of age and is crowned Prince of Wales in the new season. Photo: Netflix

For the heir, his most telling moment comes during an interaction with a maid, whose insight perhaps could have led to a lot less royal heartache—if it had been followed.

“If I may offer you two pieces of advice—never turn your back on true love and the out for your family,” she said.

“They mean well,” Prince Charles replied, to which she quipped back, “No they don't.”

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