The 'coregasm': TikTok’s sexy hack putting the 'O' in workout

Fitness enthusiasts are always sure to find interesting tips and tricks on social media, like the best time of day to exercise for better sleep, or how to burn the most amount of calories during sexy time.

Now the hashtag #coregasm, which has gained over 7.5 million views on TikTok, is set to help spice up your daily workout routine.

Dr. Janet Brito, AASECT-certified sex therapist & supervisor at Lovehoney, says gym-goers should turn their attention to this sexy workout hack to mix the business of exercising with pleasure.

Close Up of a Strong and Fit Athletic Woman in Sport Top Doing Core and Ab Exercises
The coregasm adds a little spice to your workout routine. Photo: Getty

What is a 'coregasm'?

So this coregasm move is set to heat your fitness routine (and yoga mat) up, but what exactly is it?

“The coregasm is an orgasm caused by performing repetitive physical exercises, typically abdominal exercises,” Dr Janet tells Yahoo Lifestyle.


“After doing several sets, it can cause contractions of the lower abdominal muscles, thus causing an exercise-induced-orgasm (EIO) or exercise-induced sexual pleasure (EISP). However, these types of orgasms are not associated with erotic recall.”

Sure beats exercise-induced asthma!

How the coregasm compares to other orgasms

When it comes to the big “O”, Dr Janet says it’s important to remember that not all orgasms are alike.

“The coregasm differs from other orgasms as it is typically not connected to erotic content and may last longer than other orgasms,” she says.

“It feels more like a sensation in your pelvic floor.”

If you thought gym junkies got all the fun, think again, as Dr Janet says the coregasm can also have a great benefit on your health, especially the pelvic floor.

“Folks who have strong pelvic floor muscles are more likely to experience a coregasm, but also those who do Kegel exercises may benefit, as they are working on strengthening their pelvic floor.

“Also, if you are more likely to practice mindful exercising, you may be more likely to notice the various sensations occurring in your body, and be more aware of your pleasurable zones, including your pelvic floor.”

How to achieve peak coregasm

Dr Janet advises that while coregasms can occur naturally, listening to your body is key if you want to get a really good ‘workout’.

“Everyone is different. It is most important to listen to your body, to experiment, be curious, and learn what type of sensations feel the best for you, via experimentation,” she says.

“You can achieve the coregasm if you are doing pilates, an ab work, or repetitive exercises that stimulate your pelvic floor, and you are practicing mindful exercising, but not thinking about sexual content.”

You can also search the hashtag #coregasm on TikTok where you will find everyone from sex experts to yogis to gym enthusiasts showcasing the moves designed to enhance your chances of experiencing a coregasm.

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