The sex positions that burn the most calories revealed

Calculators aren’t usually considered the sexiest item, but a new “sexercise” calculator is making 'maths' anything but boring!

The calculator by UK’s FROM MARS shows which positions are likely to burn the most calories by taking the number of minutes spent in common (and not so common) sexual positions and multiplying them by the number of calories each position burns.

person having sex in bar
Some sex positions burn a lot more calories than others. Photo: Getty

Lovers can calculate their potential energy burn in 12 different positions, including the more ambitious “butter churner”, the “squat”, and the “kneeling wheelbarrow”.”

The team involved in the calculator says there is a huge variation in the possible calories burned, as it all depends on the positions and duration of your sexual activities.

The Sex Positions that Burn the Most Calories

Coming in at no. 1 as the sex position with the highest calorie burn is “the butter churner”.

Described as an ambitious position, it involves the woman lying on her back with her legs raised above and behind her head, with the man penetrating her from above.

The position can use up around 211 calories in 30 minutes of sex, which is equivalent to seven calories per minute, whereas standing up sex burns 6.6 calories per minute of sex.

But don’t pop the champagne yet, as the experts point out the standing position has one of the lowest orgasm rates for women, at just 17 per cent.

sex position
The sex position with the highest calorie burn is “the butter churner”. Photo: Getty

Doggy style comes in at third place, burning 182 calories for men during 30 minutes of activity, whereas women burn around 103 calories in the same time, with research suggesting this position is the most pleasurable for women.

And if you’re a little bit country-you’re out of luck, because the position that burns the least calories is the cowgirl, which will only burn around 1.3 calories per minute or 39 calories for every 30 minutes.

Romantics will delight at hearing the spooning position, however, clocked in at around 101 calories burned every 30 minutes, with the zen Lotus position burning up to 148 calories per 30 minutes.

Namaste in bed.

Other positions that burn up the calories are the kneeling wheelbarrow (up to 167 calories per 30 minutes), the regal eagle position (up to 145 calories per 30 minutes) and the “Legs Up” (127 calories per 30 Minutes).

couple in bed
Other positions that burn up the calories are the kneeling wheelbarrow and the regal eagle position. Photo: Getty

Best Sex Positions for Calorie Burn per 30 Mins

For Her

  • The squat: 188 calories

  • Butter churner: 179 calories

  • Kneeling wheelbarrow: 149 calories

  • Standing: 145 calories

  • Cowgirl: 139 calories

  • Lotus: 139 calories

  • Reverse Cowgirl: 137 calories

  • Legs up: 116 calories

  • 69 position: 111 calories

  • Doggy Style: 103 calories

  • Spooning: 84 calories

  • The Eagle: 69 calories

For Him

  • Butter churner: 211 calories

  • Standing: 198 calories

  • Doggy Style: 182 calories

  • Kneeling wheelbarrow: 167 calories

  • Lotus: 148 calories

  • The Eagle: 145 calories

  • Legs up: 127 calories

  • Spooning: 101 calories

  • 69 position: 78 calories

  • The squat: 50 calories

  • Cowgirl: 48 calories

  • Reverse Cowgirl: 48 calories

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