The Block's Steph says she 'didn’t realise how big of a target' she was in scathing interview

The Block's Steph has spoken out about the 'toxic' atmosphere on the show this year.

The Block’s Steph has spoken out about being ‘targeted’ on the show this year, saying she had no idea it was that bad until she watched the series back.

Appearing on Hit Breakfast’s Maz & Matty Show, the 27-year-old architect listened to a clip of Kristy calling her out at the end of Sunday night’s show, saying Steph only picked the girls to go on the challenge win with her because she felt sorry for them.

The Block Kristy, Leah and Steph
The Block's Steph has spoken out about about being 'targeted' on the show. Photo: Channel Nine

“Honestly, at this point I’m not even fazed by some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth just because I don’t feel like she’s that credible anyway at this point,” Steph told the hosts.

“She had a lot to say about us even winning let alone who we selected and I think she would have a lot to say about it if we did anything to be honest.

Host Maz went on to ask Steph if she felt at the time of filming that she had a target on her back and if she believed there's anything specific that caused it.


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“I felt it a little bit at the time and then as the season went on but now watching it, I didn’t realise how big of a target I did have. I really just take friends at face value like what you say is what you mean to my face. I didn’t really understand that someone would be plotting something behind my back,” she said.

“I don’t know why. I think my simple answer is, are they threatened by me? Otherwise it’s a waste of energy but at the same time I really didn’t engage with it, I was just sort of like, why would I? I’m here for this amazing opportunity, I need to focus my whole energy on the house. I’m not going to focus on plotting or anything like that.”

Kristy and Brett on The Block
Kristy and Brett have been called out. Photo: Channel 9

Steph’s partner, Gian, then also chimed in to say it’s something that they’ve personally never seen before on The Block, saying they thought the show was more about ‘camaraderie and helping one another finish rooms”

Host Maz echoed the sentiments of many people online when she revealed that while she’s been loving the Sunday night room reveals, she’s not tuning in for the MAFS-style drama playing out the rest of the week.

Steph replied: “I agree with you, it’s not something that we anticipated to sort of be seen when we’re watching The Block. It’s our favourite renovation show right? But at the same time, it is a documentary of what happened and unfortunately it is a representation of some aspects of society as well so not showing it would be a disservice to us because that was our reality.”

Darren Palmer slams 'toxic' behaviour on the show

In a candid Q&A on his Instagram account following Sunday night's master suite room reveals, judge Darren Palmer slammed what has been playing out on screens.

The Block 2023 judges
Darren Palmer slammed the 'toxic' behaviour on the show. Photo: Nine

When asked by a follower what he thinks of the ‘behavior from House 2 and 3 on The Block this year?’ Darren didn’t mince his words.

He replied: “It’s fortunate we don’t hear about or see anything that happens during the week. Keeps judging fair and subjective. I do not condone bullying.”

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