The Block's Eliza and Liberty reveal major career move after winning $1.05m

EXCLUSIVE: The sisters open up about how their relationship has changed since filming the reality show.

Following their successful stint on The Block last year where they finished in second place and walked away with $1.05 million, Eliza and Liberty Paschke have announced an exciting new career venture.

While the sisters admit they were prepared to “move away from each other” and “never speak again” after the reality show, they’ve done the complete opposite and launched a podcast together.

The Block’s Eliza and Liberty's new podcast 'Try Before You Die'.
The Block’s Eliza and Liberty have launched a new podcast together called ‘Try Before You Die’. Photo: Channel Nine

Titled Try Before You Die, the podcast sees Eliza and Liberty stepping out of their comfort zones and pushing beyond their boundaries.

From speed dating to life drawing, stand-up comedy to veganism, the self-confessed “spinster sisters” are ready to face their fears head-on with a brand new outlook on life.

“The general vibe of it is obviously we went on The Block because we were kind of spinsters, we sat at home and didn’t do much, so we wanted to get out of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves,” Liberty tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“Even though we sort of had a love/hate relationship with that on The Block, we know that it's so good for us and it did a lot for us on the show. So we thought we need to continue this momentum because otherwise, we'll just slip back into our bad habits.”


Eliza adds that while trying “all these weird, wacky, wonderful new things”, they’ve had plenty of “eye-opening light bulb moments” and discoveries about themselves.

“It’s bizarre what it opened up for us. Like you think, oh life drawing, and then we just have this huge epiphany,” she shares.

“We find out a lot about ourselves and just the things you can miss out on in life if you don't try. We’ve had a few [moments like], ‘Wow, that's kind of sad that if I wasn't forced to try this I don’t know that this stuff’s out there’.”

'There's some real hectic stuff'

Although their time on The Block brought them closer than ever before, the sisters confess that their relationship has completely changed post-show.

Eliza explains that things have gone “from zero to 100” now that they’re working, socialising and living together, so the podcast has become “therapy” for them.

“Our relationship is quite strained because we’re spending every waking moment together,” she says with a laugh. “The other day we recorded one [episode] and we hadn't spoken in days, and we were like, ‘We’re gonna have to hash this out live on a podcast’, and it was so intense. So it's not all laughs, there's some real hectic stuff.”

“I feel like we were pretty open books on the show, but people are gonna find out a lot about us that they don't know,” Liberty adds.

“We want to show people that we're real and we're human and we have issues just as much, if not more, than other people. We just want to show both sides of that and show that there are a lot of different things to us, not just the humour that you saw on the show. So the podcast encompasses it all.”

Listen to Eliza and Liberty’s new podcast Try Before You Die wherever you get your podcasts.

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