X-rated design fail on The Block leaves couple scrambling

The Block couple David and Jade have been forced to change their kitchen design after a rather awkward talking to from their real estate agent.

The South Australian couple were going over their plans with real estate agent David Wood from Belle Property, when he said he thought one element was a major “red flag”.

the block david and jade design plans
David and Jade went over their plans with their agent. Photo: Channel Nine

“A bench like that with stools around it, I’ve never seen it work well,” he told the couple, who had changed the architect’s original plans.

“I’ve never seen an extended island bench-quasi-dining space ever work. I’ve never had buyers come in and say ‘I love that’.”


While Jade and Daniel scrambled to change their layout, it seems they didn’t quite catch on to one of the agents main concerns.

The actual shape of the bench.

the block penis kitchen bench fail
The shape of the bench was a little X-rated. Photo: Channel Nine

A producer asked the agent what he thought when the couple were out of earshot: “What did you think when you saw that big round bench that protruded out across the walkway?”

To which he replied: “It looked like a penis to me.”

And while the layout of the kitchen has been changed so the bench doesn’t ‘protrude’ as much as it did, the shape appears to remain the same.

Viewers on Twitter were equally confused by the design.

“Hideous kitchen bench design,” one person wrote.

While another wondered: “WTF did they change, they've still got a penis in their kitchen!”

Only kitchen week will reveal whether their gamble on a ‘phallic-shaped’ island bench will pay off.

The Block continues 7pm Sunday on Channel Nine.

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