'I'm leaving, I need a new husband': The Block star threatens to walk following bathroom blow up

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'I'm leaving, I need a new husband' Tess from The Block threatened Luke following a bathroom blow-up. Photo: Channel Nine.

The Block couple Luke Struber, 30, and Tess Cattana, 28, have had yet another expletive-filled on-site blow up, this time over a missing bathroom door.

The drama went down on last night’s episode, after the qualified carpenter failed to install a door to the couple’s bathroom in the Oslo hotel they’re currently renovating - leaving Tess livid.

“Put a f***ing door on our goddamn toilet you pig!” Tess ranted as her husband attempted to calm her down.

Caught on the loo

Luke’s lax approach to the door saw his wife embroiled in a very awkward interaction with a tradesman while she was using the toilet.

“When I ask you to guard the toilet because you haven’t got a f***ing door on the toilet, guard it, don’t stand there on your phone and have a tradie come in and make eye contact with me while I’m trying to do a p***!” Tess exclaimed.

“Stop being a lazy f**k,” Tess went on as her husband smirked.

“I'm leaving and I'm not coming back… I'm off ya. I need a new husband,” she said.

Luke walks out

Later in the same episode, Luke surprised everyone when he abruptly walked out mid-build, leaving Tess and the rest of the cast and crew dumbfounded.

A nasty run-in with site foreman Keith "The Blockinator" Schleiger - who banned the couple’s plasterer over a safety breach - caused Luke to snap and flee the scene without telling anyone where he was going, or when he would return.

Unbeknownst to a concerned Tess, Luke ended up driving almost three hours to pick up the insulation for the other contestants.

“This place is f***ed and you can't do anything here,” Tess complained in her husband’s absence.

Tess broke down in tears, prompting host Scott Cam to step in and console her with an offer of a cuppa.

“Or a vodka?” Tess suggested.

Tess branded her husband a 'd**khead' over the incident. Photo: Channel Nine.

Tess and Luke’s Block blow ups

The toilet door drama and Luke’s disappearance come after the newlyweds were blasted by viewers over their explicit on-set spat earlier in the season.

“F**k you’re a d**khead,” Tess said to her husband during an interview with producers.

“Honestly I could knock you out square in the face and punch you.”

The fight erupted while the couple were trying to reach a decision on paint and while the pair have had a number of blow ups on camera, this was the first to sparked true concerns among viewers.

The Block airs 7.30pm Sunday to Wednesday on Channel Nine.

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