The Block fans slam judges' bizarre room reveal feedback of 'expensive' detail

The judges were left shocked that Kristy and Brett hadn't included this one detail in their guest bathroom.

The Block fans have arced up over the judges’ feedback on one of the room reveals last night, after Kristy and Brett were slammed over one detail.

Shaynna Blaze, Darren Palmer and Marty Fox initially seemed very impressed by House 3’s guest bathroom design, calling it chic and inviting.

However, right at the end, Marty threw a curveball comment in which appeared to change everyone’s opinion on it.

Shaynna Blaze, Darren Palmer and Marty Fox on The Block 2023
Shaynna Blaze, Darren Palmer and Marty Fox were left unimpressed by one detail in Kristy and Brett's room reveal. Photo: Channel 9

“I just hope that for a room of this size, it has underfloor heating,” Marty said a little concerned.

When The Block host Scott Cam read that feedback to Kristy and Brett on Sunday night, Brett immediately said: “Uh oh”


Back at the judging, Darren Palmer told Marty to look outside the door, because “if it’s not there, it’s not here,” with Shaynna pointing out there was no wiring visible.

“So this, in the middle of a Melbourne winter will feel very, very cold and how we’re feeling now, I think will be totally different to the middle of the winter for a guest walking in here without floor heating,” Marty said.

Kristy and Brett's guest bathroom on The Block 2023
Kristy and Brett's guest bathroom didn't include underfloor heating. Photo: Channel 9
Kristy and Brett's guest bathroom on The Block
The judges loved everything else about their chic design. Photo: Channel 9

Kristy and Brett didn’t seemed fazed by the feedback, with Kristy being baffled by the issue, saying: “If someone’s coming to my house and taking their shoes off and having a shower mid-dinner, like, bit weird for me.”

Brett said he didn’t feel underfloor heating was needed, with Kristy adding that she actually made a conscious decision not to put it in that specific room.

People online agreed with Brett and Kristy, slamming the judges for nitpicking on the rooms.

Kristy and Brett on The Block 2023
Kristy and Brett didn't seem fazed by the feedback. Photo: Channel 9
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“As a Victorian, I definitely know that the winters can be cold. But they aren't THAT cold. It won't be snowing. Just turn on the heating on FMD they're so hysterical about the dumbest s***,” one person said on Reddit.

“I live without underfloor heating in Melbourne…and it never actually crosses my mind,” another person agreed.

One person pointed out: “They clearly have never heard of a bathmat and slippers... mind u, i dont live in a multi million dollar home soooo."

"Haha yeah I’m always laughing as a Swede (in Sweden). I have under floor heating in my bathroom but rarely have it on, too expensive," another person said.

Leah and Ash took home the win last night after using their gnome to add an extra point to their tally.

This week promises to be just as dramatic as the rest on The Block, with the teams taking on the living and dining room.

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