The Block fans propose surprising format change for next season: 'More interesting'

"They need to cut the fake reality drama and focus on realistic renovating."

The Block fans have taken to Reddit to propose a surprising change to the show's format for the next season in order to make it 'more interesting'.

"The Block needs to try the show in another state to recoup some interest," one Reddit user suggested. "Have a go at a different vernacular of design and climate."

The Block's Leah at a body corporate meeting
The Block fans have taken to social media to propose a surprising format change for the next season in order to make it 'more interesting'. Photo: Nine

Others agreed, with one user responding, "They need to cut the fake reality drama and focus on realistic renovating. That would be more interesting."

"I would like it if every couple reno'd 2 medium size houses so they can actually do an entire street," another said. "But also, it will probably lead to less over-the-top mansions, more affordable housing and a more diverse buyer group. Skip the granny flats with yoga rooms, butler's pantries the size of a kitchen. Do a back-to-basic season, but give them more houses so it can still be 'the biggest ever'."


"They should [go to] a regional town like Townsville!" a third suggested, while others said Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland or Tasmania would be interesting.

The Block contestants
Many Block fans called for numerous changes to future seasons, such as switching states, changing the types of houses they build and more. Photo: Nine

"I wish they would show more 'building'," someone else wrote, with another agreeing, writing, "I know it can't fit in the TV timeline, but I would love to see them actually design the floor plan. Do you budget for more rooms, or make few but larger rooms? Do you have a third bathroom, or a bigger kitchen... what sells best etc etc."

"Yeah agreed," one fan said. "At this stage it just like hired actors to play the parts and make some interior design decisions which tbh they aren’t even given the ability to do that properly because they can only use the range of things from the approved sponsors."

"Instead of a different state or climate I would prefer to see different sponsors because the builds are starting to look very generic," someone else agreed.

"I would love to see something slightly different, like building low-income homes or something like that," another suggested. "A different state would be great too."

"Get rid of it altogether," one user said.

Another added that ratings increased following Monday's dramatic body corporate meeting "by 51 per cent".

"And we complain about the drama of things like that, butttttt it works," someone else added.

It comes after Leah, who has been at the centre of much of the drama this season, told Yahoo Lifestyle that she hopes viewers see the journey she goes through as the season continues.

"It’s disappointing how some of it is getting played out, but there are also a lot of good, wholesome moments,” she said. “Kristy and I do become fast friends and obviously that will go into a bit of a journey as well.

“We gave it our all on this show and we left nothing behind, so viewers are getting a lot of insight into our thoughts.”

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