The Block fans left fuming over 'inconsistent' judging on studio reveals

The Block viewers have called out the judging, with one person saying it's 'driving me crazy'.

The Block fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the show's judges, with some saying their judging is 'inconsistent' across the different houses.

Taking to Reddit, one user wrote, "The judges this year are driving me crazy. They don’t hold each house to the same expectations or objective and contradict themselves at every turn. This week's studios captures it perfectly."

The Block judges
The Block fans have been left divided over the show's judging, with some saying it's driving them 'crazy'. Photo: Nine

They then shared examples where the judges changed their feedback for each space, with House 1 being criticised for its "layout and lack of amenities".

"They want a space that would allow pool access and be self-contained for someone to live in," the user said.


Moving to House 2, they added, "Judges like the kitchenette and hate the Murphy bed. They think the space should be more for entertaining, less for living in."

"Judges think the loft doesn’t allow for someone to live in and they seem expect that the guest will definitely live there and not interact with the family," they said of House 3.

"It’s essentially a sad beige guest bedroom, yet no criticism for lack of amenities or that someone can’t live there for an extended period (which was the criticism of the rest of the Houses)," the user wrote about House 4. "In fact it was praised as being a potential teenagers room."

The Block's three judges
Some thought the judges' critiques made sense, but others said it was 'annoying' how different they were across the different houses. Photo: Nine

When it came to House 5, they said, "Delivered everything that the judges complained Houses 1-3 didn’t have (could be a pool house/office space/entertaining space/guest suite) but they hate it because of a rug and wallpaper choice."

Steph and Gian won the week with their studio in House 4, Kyle and Leslie followed in second place, then Eliza and Liberty, while Leah and Ash and Kristy and Brett tied in last place.

However, another user said they felt the opposite, writing, "I usually disagree with the judges. But I could see the points they made on each house. I saw the critique based on how each couple set up the house to be used. Incredibly, I have agreed with them on bathroom and now the studio."

The Block's scoring of the studios
Steph and Gian won the week with their studio in House 4. Photo: Nine

"I mean this should be about what the contestants want the studio to be," a third said. "[At] the end of the day, it should be a space that a buyer can [change] to whatever works for them, but delivered in a way that will look good in pictures to sell... I also believe that the judges are always inconsistent with strange expectations, we do not know a lot of what they know."

"The inconsistent judging happens every year, it is unfair and annoying to watch," someone else said. "I guess they need to make sure every couple can get at least one win under their belt."

They also added that they believed House 4 was judged differently "based on [its] proximity and purpose with the house".

"I agree the scores have seemed whack when you compare to the comments made," another user added.

One user wrote that they believed it was the producers, not the judges choosing who wins, "It's almost like they pick who's going to win each week to add the most drama, almost."

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