The Block rocked by 'homophobia' row

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor
The Block contestants Mitch and Mark. Photo: Channel Nine

Having been on air for a couple of weeks, the teams on The Block are well underway with their renovations.

But things became very heated during last night’s episode when judges’ comments were read out, leading to claims of homophobia to be made by two of the most popular contestants.

Mitch and Mark took a stand when Scott Cam commented on El’ise and Matt’s bedroom, a sequence of events which also sparked Twitter discussion amongst fans in regards to ‘homophobic’ insinuations being made.

The drama all began when Scott said El’ise and Matt should be commended for creating a second master bedroom on the second floor to allow owners to “get away from the noisy people in your place”.

What dedicated viewers would remember is that Mitch and Mark are not fans of the criticisms they’ve received in the past for creating a “party” room in their top floor entertainment area.

The Block host Scott Cam hits back at Mitch and Mark. Photo: Channel Nine

“People need to realise there are multiple living spaces in all metropolitan homes and they need to step away from it,” Mark said last night.

“It is a living space as any house in any part of suburbia has. And if they’re making a judgment about us— because they’ve often said, ‘People like us’ — I need to understand what does that mean? Are you judging us?”

At that point Scott realised what was being implied, and said: “I certainly don’t think they are making a judgment about you guys personally.

“It’s a judgment about having an entertainment space next to a master bedroom.”

“You need to step away from that,” Mark responded, to which Scott hit back, “I don’t need to step away from nothing, mate”.

Fans took to Twitter to share their views as the showdown aired on Channel Nine.

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