The Bachelor star's wardrobe malfunction

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Vakoo stunned both The Bachelor and the other contestants throughout the series' premiere. Photo: Network 10

While each of the love-seeking ladies vying for a piece of The Bachelor Matt Agnew’s heart stunned in the series premiere, some contestants’ antics were more memorable than others.

This very much rung true for model Vakoo Kauapirura, who experienced a momentary wardrobe malfunction after arriving in a tiered v-neck hot pink dress.

The 23-year-old turned heads immediately thanks to her bubbly persona and model good looks, with this only amplified after deciding to strut her stuff during the inaugural cocktail party.

Vakddoo's dress' trendy, tier style and burst of hot pink makes it a winner. Photo: Network 10

After rolling out a makeshift catwalk mid-way through the evening’s drinks, Vakoo’s dress shifted for just a second, exposing her well-placed bra tape.

Ever the professional, Vakoo recovered remarkably well from the second-long gaffe and continued to exude enough confidence to keep many of us from noticing.

But she wasn’t alone in her attempts to captivate Matt with a memorable first impression, with many of the women fashioning some of the most daring looks in the series’ history.

From plunging necklines and perfectly preened tresses, here, Yahoo Lifestyle have compiled some looks sported by women hoping to steal a piece of Matt’s heart.

Georgie Powell

Georgie is a 32-year-old originally from the UK. Photo: Network 10

While her British twang may act as an endearing quirk for Matt, Georgie Powell left nothing down to chance when gaining her first impression from The Bachelor.

Stepping out in a show-stopping, sheer gown, the 32-year-old provided one of the series’ most daring looks so far in the stunning black number.

Hallmarked by its bodysuit-style focal point, the floor length dress was matched with gold hoop earrings and with her brunette locks parted in the middle.

Luckily, for Georgie the look was well received by both Matt and audiences alike, with one fan labelling the ensemble ‘straight-up fire’.

Keely Spedding

Keely turned up in an on-trend the emerald number. Photo: Network 10

Fashionistas everywhere were no doubt green envy when Keely Spedding arrived to the mansion in a metallic green gown in the hope of winning Matt’s heart.

From its eye-catching near-transparent material finished by a plunging v-neckline, the look is bound to put the 27-year-old in good stead with the show’s fanbase.

However, Keely, who’s based in Queensland, was less lucky in the love stakes during Tuesday’s premiere and did not advance past the first night of competition.

Emma Roche

Emma arrived to meet Matt with her ex-boyfriend in tow - and raised more than a few eyebrows in the process. Photo: Network 10

Taking inspiration from her cast mates, Irish-born Emma Roche made her onscreen debut in a stunning sequinned number to match hallmarked by its long sleeves.

But the 32-year-old’s choice of frock isn’t the only reason she’s been gaining attention in the lead up to the show’s premiere

In a first-time antic for the series, Emma is rumoured to bring an ex-boyfriend in meet Matt at some point during the series - a move which raised more than a few eyebrows in the process.

This followed the fashion brand manager admitting she ‘had her heart broken’ by a recent partner but was now ‘100 per cent ready to settle down’.

Nichole Wood

Nichole's number featured a memorable cut-out in its mid-section and near-translucent train. Photo: Network 10

Nichole Wood, or noodle as she’s self-referred to on Instagram, definitely turned heads during Tuesday night’s premiere thanks to an eye-catching beige number.

Featuring a cut-out in its mid-section and near-translucent train, the gown set Nichole, who applied to the show on the insistence of friends, apart from competitors.

“I’ve got nothing to lose!” she told 10 of her decision to enter.

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