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The 'amazing' pimple patches that stop breakouts in their tracks

Don't let an unwelcome blemish spoil your day.

Tea tree oil has been a popular ingredient in beauty products for decades, as its antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antioxidant properties provide a range of benefits.

Now, Aussies have discovered a high-tech product that releases tea tree oil gently into the outer layer of skin, helping combat pimples before they become a problem.

ETTO pimple patches
ETTO's Acne Micro-dart Patches contain micro-needles to help the tea tree oil penetrate your skin. Photo: Supplied

"It's amazing," one happy user wrote about ETTO's Acne Micro-dart Patches. Each patch contains 95 micro-needles, which penetrate the outer layer of skin then dissolve, delivering the potent ingredients to the root of the problem.


As well as tea tree oil, the patches also contain salicylic acid, known for its exfoliating properties and helping keep pores clear, and hyaluronate, an intensely hydrating ingredient extracted from hyaluronic acid. Together, these ingredients rehydrate your skin and deliver antioxidants to assist skin repair.

ETTO Acne Micro-dart Patches
ETTO's Acne Micro-dart Patches are made with Australian tea tree oil. Photo: Supplied

How to use the patches

As well as being designed to help clear pores, rehydrate your skin, and deliver antioxidants to assist skin repair, the patches are excellent for blind pimples, or when you feel a breakout coming.

All you need to do is stick one on a pimple, leave it on overnight, and peel it off in the morning. They can also be used in the day to stop you picking at spots.

"I tried the micro-dart patch last night and woke up this morning to an almost non-existent pimple!" said one amazed customer.

ETTO are an Aussie brand who grow their own tea trees on a NSW farm. They use sustainable, circular farming methods such as traditional off-grid steam distillation to extract pure oil without using alcohol, upcycled wind turbines to provide energy, and planting new trees every year to boost their ecosystem.

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