The 6 best sex toys for solo fun (from someone who's tried them all)

Enjoy your alone time with these six.

If only sex toys talked back because then underwhelming lovers and disappointing partners could be a thing of the past, because hello 2024, these devices now DO IT ALL.

From vibrators to clit sucks (a technical and deeply affectionate term), the options for vulva owners are boundless and cater to all manners of pleasure.

Which devices do you need to add to your toy box? Source: Getty Images
Which devices do you need to add to your toy box? Source: Getty Images

But when it comes to the pick of the lot and splashing the cash on your next orgasm, which sex toys stand out from the rest?

Here are six of arguably the best, no matter what way you get off.

Frenchie: The Petit Eiffel

As a 5 foot 3 girlie, you don’t have to tell me twice that petit doesn’t mean powerful, and Frenchie’s The Petit Eiffel is no exception.

With seven speeds and modes, plus a “pin point flutter tip”, the waterproof device delivers the most precise clitoral stimulation while being small enough that you’ll want to take it wherever you go.

Made from super soft medical grade silicone, the Eiffel Tower shaped toy is also one of the smoothest and squishiest mini vibrators I’ve ever felt, not to mention très chic.

As the box reads, “J’adore, give me more”.

Lovehoney: Power Pulse

More of a low-key pleasure seeker? Treat yourself to orgasms on tap with Lovehoney’s Power Pulse clitoral vibrator, described by fans online as “not your ordinary clit”’ toy.

With three speeds and six patterns, this device takes things nice and easy, while delivering a thrilling stimulation directly where you want it with the tap of your fingers.

Bonus points: it’s waterproof and submersible for all sorts of fun.

Girls Get Off: DeeDee

The DeeDee (left) and the DeeDee with its accessories (right).
The DeeDee is not for the faint-hearted. Source: Girls Get Off

What’s a penis but not a penis? Girls Get Off’s newest offering, DeeDee.

With soft pinky skin and ‘veins’ in all the right places, this rabbit vibrator puts models of the 90s to shame.

And then you turn it on.

With a multi-speed thrusting capability, this toy will quite literally take your breath away before you even put it to use, and then prepare yourself for a “jelly-legged experience” that’ll take you a few minutes to recover from.

It’s one not for the faint-hearted.

Womanizer: Next Clitoral Suction Stimulator

As Womanizer marks its 10th anniversary, it’s almost impossible to believe that the royalty of suction stimulators could make something even better.

But good God, they’ve gone and done it again and created Next, perhaps the most powerful and technologically advanced toy of its kind.


The groundbreaking new device — which, let’s face it, is REVOLUTIONARY in redefining clitoral pleasure — boasts next-generation 3D Pleasure Air Technology, a robust motor for heightened sensations and slower, pulsing vibrations to provide deeper, more intense and even multiple orgasms.

With 14 intensity levels, Womanizer’s Smart Silence technology, a new Climax Control to manage not just the speed but the depth of the waves, and the brand’s iconic Afterglow feature to allow you to bask in your post-O haze, this toy is a no-brainer.

Lovehoney: Dare Discreet Necklace Vibrator

A woman wearing the sex toy as a necklace (left) and a close up of the sex toy (right).
A sex toy so beautiful you'd like to wear it around your neck? Lovehoney has got you covered. Source: Lovehoney

A rose gold fashion accessory AND a sex toy on hand? Colour me impressed!

This discrete and sleek bullet, with three vibration speeds and two patterns, doubles as a necklace for easily-accessible fun — anytime you need it.

Measuring just a mere 4.5 inches in length, no one will think twice when they see Lovehoney’s Dare Discreet Necklace Vibrator dangling down your neck.

That’s The Spot: Dos Amigos

The Dos Amigos sex toy (left) and a woman holding the Dos Amigos (right).
The Dos Amigos is two toys in one! Source: That's The Spot

Call me greedy but if a sex toy promises to stimulate me both internally and externally AT THE SAME TIME, it’s coming home with me and That’s The Spot’s Dos Amigos did not let me down.

With a clitoral suction device at one end of the vibrating and bendable wand and an egg-shaped bulb at the other, this Pleasure Pal is like a two-for-one toy that’ll leave you completely satisfied.

Boasting the best of both worlds, this versatile accessory has 10 vibration frequencies, seven levels of suction intensity and can interchange between functions, making it the ultimate mix-and-match experience as one of the brand’s top-ranking toys — and my ultimate pick.

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