The $5 hair straightener hack Kmart shoppers can't get enough of: 'It's brilliant!'

Who knew something so simple could be so life changing?

One Kmart shopper's ingenious $5 Kmart hack for storing her hair straightener has been praised online and branded a "brilliant idea".

The woman took to the Kmart Hacks and Decor Facebook page to post the idea for using the affordable Kmart Sponge Holders to rest her hair styling tool in while it cools down.

“My little Kmart hack, bloody awesome! No more waiting for a hair straightener to cool down to put away,” she wrote alongside pictures of her idea.

Her post was inundated with more than 1,100 likes and more than 100 comments from others who loved her idea with most of them saying they couldn’t wait to try it out for themselves.

Kmart sponge holders (left) and used to hold a hair straightener (right).
The "brilliant" idea resulted in dozens of people wanting to try the idea out for themselves. Source: Facebook/Kmart Hacks and Decor

“Ooooh yessss!! Putting that in my basket!” one person commented excitedly.

“You have blown my mind! I will be on the hunt for these!” another said.

“You bloody beauty! Thanks, I didn't know what to do with my extra one,” added a third.

The $5 Sponge Holder comes in a two-pack and is easy to install using 3M adhesive tape and according to the Kmart website, it works best when applied to tiled or metal surfaces.


Hack useful all over the house

Her hack was not only praised for being a "brilliant idea" but also for being a simple space-saving solution, allowing the straightener to be given it’s own place in the bathroom off the bench.

“I don’t have much bench space, but I definitely can put it on the wall,” one person said, with others agreeing it was perfect for small spaces.

The handy wire holder had been used for other odd jobs around the house, including holding up power boards on bedside tables for easy access, other kitchen utensils, sports equipment and decorative items around the home.

Kmart sponge holder hack used to hold various household items.
It seems the handy hooks have been used all over the home, with plenty of people sharing how they have utilised them. Source: Kmart

“I've used these for other things, holding chopping boards, a skateboard, pot lids, as decoration hangers, as fitness mat hangers. The possibilities are endless. Stronger and more reliable than the stick-on hooks from other brands,” one person wrote in a review of the product on the Kmart website.

Concerns raised over hack

While the product received several glowing reviews, there were some concerns with how well the adhesive worked.

One person warned that while it was a good hack, the adhesive on the back may not be strong enough to hold the straightener for long periods of time.

“The adhesive wore out in two days with my one. It was in the sink like the photo and left behind a sticky residue. I was very fond of it, too,” she said.

Another person who had used the holder for its intended use, to hold a sponge, said the holder became unstuck rather quickly and needed some “extra double-sided tape” to stick on correctly.

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