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The 23andMe DNA test makes the most thoughtful Mother's Day surprise, and right now it's less than $150 — save 35%

Give the gift of revelation with this kit backed by over 29,000 five-star reviews.

If Mom has ever been curious about her origin story, she's probably had her eye on a 23andMe DNA kit. Sure, she knows she's Lebanese and Thai, with a smattering of Irish thrown in, but maybe she wants to take things a few more generations back. Let this Mother's Day be the day she unlocks her untold history. This year you can spoil her with a truly meaningful gift — a 23andMe DNA testing kit. While these kits usually go for $230, it's on sale for under $150 — a full 35% off. Best of all, it's a last-minute Mother's Day gift that will arrive on time with Amazon Prime.

In a quick four to five weeks she'll learn all about her heritage — going back 150-200 years.

$148 at Amazon

This offer is pretty amazing, pretty rare and, unlike your family lineage, pretty short-lived. If you missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this 23andMe kit is the lowest it's been in over two months, so go ahead and score one before the price rises again. It’ll make for a great Mother's Day gift — and it's sure to be an interesting adventure, no matter what she discovers.

There’s a lot to love about this deal. The kit includes the standard Ancestry Service, as well as more than 85 DNA-based online reports on your Health Predispositions, Carrier Status (a test that determines if you carry certain inherited conditions), Wellness and Traits with just one test. After taking the test, your mom will get reports on how her genes play into her well-being and lifestyle choices, how DNA influences her facial features, taste and smell, and where her DNA is from out of more than 2,000 regions in the world.

The kits were developed and designed by world-class scientists and medical experts, and they have a great reputation. As for the process itself, it's totally painless: Just have Mom provide a saliva sample using the at-home kit and send it in. Her results will be ready in about four or five weeks.

examples of 23andMe app interface on smartphone
Discover your roots and save $81. (Amazon)

Who knows what you could discover? More than 29,000 Amazon shoppers have been wowed by this kit.

Pros 👍

"I found my dad," said a five-star reviewer. "I'm a sperm-donor baby. I followed the instructions, spat in the vial, and found my genetic father. Life is weird but good. Thanks 23andMe."

"I was delighted to receive it, since I do not have much medical history from my biological father's side," shared this curious customer. "It also showed me a good part of my family tree I was not aware of. All in all, this is a great gift to give or get."

"No royalty in my family tree — just sheep stealers," lamented one shopper. "Better luck next life."

A more satisfied shopper called the kit "An Amazing eye-opener" adding "I learned a lot about me and my ancestry. ...Recommended to anyone."

"I am aware that the product does not provide professional medical advice, but it is a nice screening tool. Not anywhere near the level of what you would expect from professional genetic counseling, especially in regard to the inherited genetic variants section," said a repeat buyer, "but it’s really fun to find connections of relatives. I have given this to multiple family members for Christmas and birthday presents. I bought one for myself too. I like the ancestry portion and I’m having fun matching in creating my family tree."

Cons 👎

Since it's already such a detailed kit, shoppers are impressed with what's already included, but some did point out that they "wish it would have had more in-depth medical explanations."

Others went a bit further and explained that it would have been nice if the test "could narrow down regions a little bit more." However, they admitted that they were more than pleased with with the 23andMe service was able to find.

Confirm your family connections and maybe even find a few more with this kit.

$148 at Amazon

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