The 1% Club: How many of these questions from Seven's new game show can you solve?

Put your knowledge to the test and find out if you have what it takes to join the elite ranks of The 1% Club.

It's the latest mind-bending game show gripping the nation. Hosted by Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies, The 1% Club turns the tables on know-it-alls and challenges viewers to think outside the box each Wednesday at 7:30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Forget about cramming general knowledge for this show; The 1% Club is all about using logic, reasoning skills and common sense. The show invites contestants and viewers alike to discover if they have what it takes to join the elite ranks of The 1% Club (whether you can correctly answer a question that only 1% of the population would get right).

Jim Jefferies with The 1% Club logo
The 1% Club is hosted by funnyman Jim Jefferies. Photo: Channel 7

How The 1% Club works

The show brings together 100 everyday Australians from all walks of life, who are then whittled down as we find out who is in the top 10% of thinkers, who is in the top 50% and, well, who tries to get their bread out of the toaster with a fork. Contestants might be in the top 1% of the nation and not even know it - and if they are, they could walk away with a $100,000 prize.

The game kicks off with a question that 90% of the country got right (based on a sample of answers from people across Australia). As the show progresses, contestants face a series of increasingly challenging questions, with the goal of finding hidden gems of knowledge that only a select few can answer.

The appeal of The 1% Club lies in its refreshing approach to testing your intellect. It's not about regurgitating facts and figures; it's about flexing your mental muscles and approaching questions from unexpected angles.


Can you answer these 1% Club questions?

Scroll down for the answers.

1. Crack the code: What animal is this?


2. Which of the five vowels is missing from Question 1?

3. Using standard Australian currency, what is the fewest number of coins needed to make exactly $1.85?

4. Which letter should replace the asterisk? 

L S I H G A H D * E

5. Which of these is the largest number? 

1/3, 0.0330, 30% of 10, 3/10, 3.01

6. What word solves the problem below?

S***TERED = Cat

UNDER***S = Dog

UN****ABLE = Bear

DANDE****S = ?

7. Dev is an honest man, except on his birthday when he always lies. When asked when his birthday really was, on Monday he said "Yesterday", and on Tuesday he said "Yesterday". Therefore on which day was Dev's birthday?

a) Sunday, b) Monday, c) Tuesday

8. Three of these words share an interesting connection. Which is the odd one out?

a) Education, b) Strength, c) Exhaustion, d) Authorise

9. What is the next letter in this sequence?

J F M A M J *

10. Pablo is rummaging in his sock drawer in the dark. There are 20 single white socks and 10 single red socks. How many socks does Pablo need to pull out before he definitely has a matching pair?

The 1% Club question
After testing 1,000 everyday Aussies, questions begin with those almost all survey participants answered correctly then get much harder. Photo: Channel 7


1. Cow

2. A (E, I, O, U are all used)

3. 5 ($1, 50c, 20c, 10c, 5c)


5. 3.01

6. Lion

7. b) Monday (if Dev's birthday was on Sunday or Tuesday he would have been lying on a day when he only tells the truth)

8) b) Strength (each word contains all of the five vowels. Strength contains only one)

9) J (the sequence is the first letters of the months of the year. J for July is next)

10) 3 (after selecting two socks, Pablo will either have a pair, or one of each colour. One more of either colour will definitely mean he has a pair)

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