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Tesla's redesigned Model 3 comes with a new interior and more range

It's now on sale in Europe and China, but may appear on Tesla's US site soon.


Tesla's refreshed Model 3 has finally gone on sale in China, Europe and elsewhere after leaking out here and there over the last year. It has a mild redesign, more range and an updated interior with new materials — along with a higher price tag in some regions. It's supposed to start shipping in Europe next month, and US buyers could see it on the company's ordering website soon.

In a tweet from Tesla Europe, the company posted pictures showing the styling changes, particularly in the front end, which is sleeker and less bulbous than before. That in turn helps it travel farther on a charge.

"Go up to 629 km (390 miles) on a single charge with updated exterior styling optimized for max aerodynamics," a caption reads. That's based on Europe's WLTP range, though, which equates to 10-12 percent better range compared to the previous model. Given the 272 mile/333 mile EPA range of the current base/long range Model 3, that means US range could rise to about 300 miles/365 miles.

Tesla Model 3 refresh set to arrive in the US soon
Tesla Model 3 refresh set to arrive in the US soon (Tesla)

Tesla is also promising "more refined & relaxed ride quality, thanks to a combination of a stiffer body & updated suspension tuning." Two new colors (ultra red & stealth grey) are on offer for €2,000 over the base white color, and are designed to change subtly based on viewing angle and lighting.

The interior has been refreshed as well (with physical controls still nowhere to be seen). Tesla is promising "more sophisticated materials, ventilated seats & customizable ambient lighting," along with a rear touchscreen that gives entertainment and climate controls to backseat riders. Meanwhile, the the main touchscreen has more usable screen space thanks to the smaller bezels, and also "brighter, higher contrast & more responsive," Tesla wrote.

Tesla Model 3 refresh arrives with more range and an updated design
Tesla Model 3 refresh arrives with more range and an updated design (Tesla)

The Model 3 was already relatively quiet, but its silent electric operation also makes every exterior noise more pronounced. To that end, the new version has "360 degree acoustic glass [that] ensures silence inside the cabin no matter what's happening around you" with significantly less road and wind noise, Tesla promised. It also comes with a better sound system that now has up to 17 speakers, dual subwoofers and dual amplifiers. "Obviously goes to 11," Tesla said (read that in Elon Musk's voice).

Tesla has already made significant updates to the Model 3 since it was first released in 2018 (via firmware updates and minor physical changes), but the new version appears to make it more sophisticated and efficient — likely in response to polished EVs from Kia, Mercedes and others. It may also make the Model 3 cheaper to produce, according to rumors from last year.

However, the new Model 3 could cost more when it arrives in the US. In China, the base model is now around $35,800, or 12 percent more than the previous version, according to The Wall Street Journal. At the same time, the base model is the same price in Norway, but the long range version is about $950 more. As mentioned, Tesla's configurators are now live in Europe, with deliveries expected in October — and it should arrive in the US soon.