Tell Me What You Do All Day Now That You're Retired

Retired people, you live beautiful lives. You are in the rich, ripe August of your life (around 65-70). The work life is finally behind you. So now that you have more time, please tell me: what do you do with it?! Tell us all what we have to look forward to.

Maybe you spend time traveling the world with your spouse, friends, or family members. That sounds idyllic. Where have you been? What beautiful things have you seen?

Aerial view of the Great Wall of China winding through lush, misty mountains
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Maybe, if you have them, you spend a lot of time with your grandchildren. Tell me the most rewarding part of that.

A young girl sits at a table painting, with a variety of art supplies in front of her, including paintbrushes, paints, and papers with drawings
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Perhaps you've turned what was once your hobby into a full-time thing. Do you spend all your time farming? Writing a novel? Sewing the coolest outfits known to man? I need to know!

A person sits at a desk, smiling thoughtfully with a pen in hand, beside an open notebook and a plant in the foreground
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Or maybe you spend time doing something so niche, so amazing, that it hasn't even occurred to my naïve, underdeveloped, 20-something brain. Enlighten me.

Man with white beard and sunglasses, relaxing on a yellow pool float, sipping a drink with a straw, with mountains and lake in the background

Bald senior man wearing sunglasses while drinking juice in inflatable ring during vacation

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Whatever it is that you get up to, feel free to share it in the comment section down below. Or, if you prefer, you can write about it in this anonymous Google Form. It can be funny, it can be tender, it can be earnest — but I want to hear about it. And who knows; your story may be shared in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!