The worst school lunches teachers have seen

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Primary school teachers often make it part of their duty to check over school lunches, making sure every kid has food and no one is left hungry.

Yet every so often there comes a time where teachers find themselves completely shocked by what a child has brought to school with them – and now they’re revealing all.

Teachers have revealed all the shocking things they’ve seen kids bring to school. Getty

In a case in the UK, it was revealed that a child once turned up to school with a day-old McDonald’s Happy Meal that had a cold burger and fries inside, according to The Sun. 

“Shame for it to go to waste,” the kid said to the teacher explaining his ‘Gran’ had bought it for him the day before but he didn’t want it at the time. 

In another instance, a student came to school with simply a packet of ginger biscuits as that was all they could find in the pantry after saying their mum had simply been “too tired” to go shopping. 

A teacher was shocked on day to see a student come to school with only a packet of ginger biscuits. Source: Getty

Much to another teacher’s surprise, one parent also thought to give their kid a can of Red Bull and a packet of corn snacks after, “He’d had a late night on his Xbox and seemed like he needed a pick-me-up.”

It was also revealed that an eight-year-old was found with an alcoholic cider, but that he was unaware of what it actually was.

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But in a more unsettling scenario, a teacher told of the time one student had arrived with no packed lunch or any money for food. 

The teacher then asked if he had had any breakfast, to which he said he had cereal with water as “Mum needed the milk for her coffee”.

“I’m not ashamed to say I cried when he told me that,” the teacher said when she posted about this experience.

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At the end of the day, when it comes to what you should be giving your kids for lunch, mum and dietician Kate Save, from Be Fit Food, says it’s all about what you think they’re going to eat. 

“The worst thing is giving a kid a lunchbox they’re not going to eat, and they’re going to come home and not have eaten all day.”

Kate, who admits she often gives her kids cheerios or even a butter sandwich, stresses that the lunchbox isn’t the be all and end all of nutrition and instead, it’s important to consider everything the child eats from breakfast to bedtime.

Mum Kate reveals she has previously felt lunch-box shame for giving her kids cheerios and plain butter sandwiches. Source: Supplied

“Having these beautiful lunchboxes with superfoods in them is all well and good if that’s what your kid actually likes,” Kate says.

“The key thing is making sure the kid will eat what you put in and giving them the best variety that you can within the scope of what they eat.”

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