The Tea Brand From Shark Tank You Should Steer Clear Of Buying

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It's been over a decade now since Talbott Teas made waves in the "Shark Tank." Their successful audition saw the tea company spread its entrepreneurial wings and land acquisition by Jamba Juice. But after making a countrywide splash over 10 years ago, we recently ranked it the worst among 20 tea brands.

Like one of their products left to steep, Talbott Teas is in hot water for reasons including poor marketing. Navigating the Talbott Teas website will show you the ins and outs of tea-making, including the history and cultures surrounding it. The only thing missing is their products. For a company that set out to sell tea blends, Talbott Teas doesn't seem to be doing so — at least via their website.

While it has a website that's informative in its own right, Talbott Teas leaves us with more questions than answers. What types of tea do they sell? Are their products reliable? Most importantly, where are their products? As much as it is one of "Shark Tank's" success stories, Talbott Teas still leaves us with questions that make us think twice before buying their tea.

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From Jamba Juice To Tadin Herb And Tea Company

Talbott Teas lemon tea bag
Talbott Teas lemon tea bag -

With a tremendous boost from "Shark Tank" and under the ownership of Jamba Juice, Talbott Teas had all 23 of their tea blends sold across the smoothie company's stores. Some of these flavors included low-caloric options such as a Chocolate Strawberry Temptation smoothie and a Luscious Lemon Meringue smoothie. But since then, Talbott Teas has changed hands.

It is not clear when, but if you visit Talbott Teas' Facebook page (last active in 2022 as of this writing) they report that they were sold from Jamba Juice to Tadin Herb and Tea Company. Tadin Herb and Tea Company seems to have successfully branded itself, even selling its products in large retail stores like Walmart. However, it is not clear whether Tadin Herb and Tea Company still employs Talbott Teas' products in some capacity. Other than their Facebook announcement, there is no other evidence linking Tadin Herb and Tea Company to Talbott Teas.

Even third-party sellers on Amazon seem to have run low on Talbott Teas' stock. So it seems that if you're determined to buy their products, you may still run into the wall of inaccessibility. And with no clear idea of their product except a few Amazon reviews and scrutiny from Reddit users, you might be lucky if you never manage to gain ahold of this once-promising brand's tea products.

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