This Is Taylor Swift's 'Biggest Problem,' According to Heart's Nancy Wilson

Taylor Swift; Nancy Wilson

Nancy Wilson is not in agreement with Taylor Swift's haters.

The guitarist and vocalist for the rock band Heart recently spoke out about the criticism directed toward Swift, 34, including the harsh commentary from Wilson's "friend" Courtney Love.

During an interview with the Tampa Bay Times published Tuesday, April 23, Wilson applauded the "Fortnight" songstress while explaining that any negative feelings toward Swift boil down to one issue: jealousy.

Wilson, 70, went on to detail Swift's "biggest problem," which she believes is "that she's so extremely good looking" on top of being a super talented and massively successful artist.

"People have jealous reactions to stuff like that," Wilson added.

That's when she mentioned Love's comments specifically, stating, "I know Courtney Love is not a fan. I've been a friend of Courtney Love, but I disagree with her opinion about that."

While insisting that it's Love's "job" to "push against what's popular in the culture," Wilson clearly had a much different stance on Swift's influence, stating, "I consider Taylor Swift to be very important at this time in our culture."

In case you missed it, Love boldly stated in a recent interview with the Evening Standard that Swift is "not important."

"She might be a safe space for girls, and she's probably the Madonna of now, but she's not interesting as an artist," Love, 59, further asserted.

But Wilson had much kinder words for The Tortured Poets Department artist, stating in her new interview, "I watched the Eras Tour and I really love the fact that she does an acoustic bit all by herself."

"It's such a global event, her show, but to make a point of doing that inside of her show was actually really amazing and cool of her to do. She's a great songwriter," Wilson further gushed.

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