Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Relationship Is Now a School Test Question

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce

The impact of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship is not to be underestimated, as the celebrity couple is now being used as an example in a basic genetics test question.

On Thursday, March 28, a Reddit user who goes by Decent-Look-5058 shared a photo of a test question that asked students to determine the probability that Tayvis' hypothetical future children would inherit one of the Kansas City Chiefs tight end's genes.

The scenario in question read as follows: "A certain version of a gene called the 'speed gene' is a dominant trait. People who have the gene run very fast. Travis Kelce's genotype for the speed gene is heterozygous. His girlfriend, Taylor Swift, does not have the speed gene. She has the recessive trait. Complete the Punnett square below to show the likelihood that Travis and Taylor's future children will have the speed gene." 

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Fellow members of the subreddit dedicated to New Heights, the podcast Travis, 34, hosts with his brother Jason Kelce, had a ball discussing the power couple's educational feature.

"Gotta keep the kids engaged somehow," one wrote before someone else similarly shared, "My brother teaches 4th grade and says nothing gets the kids to focus quicker than when he uses Taylor Swift as an example."

"Are you saying Taylor is not swift af, boi???!!!!" another added, referencing a comment the 'Cruel Summer' songstress, also 34, left on a video of her running during an Eras tour show after the stage malfunctioned.



Teachers: 'When are you two having a baby!?'” a third quipped.

Jokes aside, teachers aren't the only ones who think a baby could be in the future for these A-listers. Fans recently went wild after the three-time Super Bowl champ said he couldn't wait to "make one" [a kid], which Swifties inferred means that he is thinking about having a baby with the 14-time Grammy winner.

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