Taylor Swift Seemingly Confirms Fan Theory About Meaning of Her Latest Single

Taylor Swift

While Taylor Swift's new album, The Tortured Poets Department, came out on April 19, Swifties are still breaking down the lyrics and meaning of the songs in her huge double album.

Now, it seems like Swift is signaling to fans that one specific theory might be true. Fans know Swift often checks out social media and what fans say while talking about her music, and she recently liked an Instagram reel of a fan theorizing that she connected one of the last songs of Swift’s 2022 album Midnights with The Tortured Poets Department in a brilliant way.

Video creator Patty Eminger, also known as pattypopculture, shared a reel on Instagram in which he said that when he started listening to The Tortured Poets Department, he quickly realized that the first two lines of "Fortnight," the first track on the album, references lyrics in "Hits Different," which is the last track on both the Target Exclusive version and Til Dawn Edition of Midnights (before remixes and second versions of songs).

In "Hits Different," Swift sings, "I heard your key turn in the door down the hallway/ Is that your key in the door?/ Is it okay? Is it you?/ Or have they come to take me away?" In comparison, "Fortnight" starts, "I was supposed to be sent away/ But they forgot to come and get me."

Well, it seems like this Swiftie might be right about the connection being purposeful, as fans noticed that the 34-year-old pop superstar "liked" the reel.

Swifties everywhere took Swift's like as confirmation, with comments on X like, "I HAD THIS THOUGHT YESTERDAY AND NEVER POSTED IT IM SO HAPPY IM NOT WRONG," and "I had wondered this, glad we have confirmation now."

Others shared their awe at Swift's expert planning, with one writing, "my god her mind 🤯."

While it seems like Swifties were right this time around, sometimes their theories are a little off the mark, such as the constant speculation about Swift announcing Reputation (Taylor's Version) earlier this year leading up to the Grammys. In the end, Swift still stunned everyone by revealing instead that her 11th studio album was on its way.

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