Taylor Swift Refuses to Sing at Eras Tour Until Security Helps Fan in Need

Taylor Swift performs onstage at The Eras Tour

Taylor Swift was prioritizing safety during her latest Eras Tour performance.

The "Fortnight" songstress stopped the show in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Friday, June 7 to alert security personnel that someone in the audience needed help—and she didn't resume singing until the situation was handled.

The incident happened during Swift's acoustic set, also known as "surprise song o'clock," where the hitmaker performs random songs from her entire discography that aren't already included on the setlist.

While she sang her Midnights track "Would've, Could've, Should've" on Friday night, the singer noticed fans in the audience who needed help, so she refused to begin the song until they received it.

In video footage shared to X, Swift, 34, gestured to the area where the fans in need were located, asking event staff to attend to the situation as she continued strumming her guitar.

"I'm just gonna keep playing till somebody helps them," she said in a sing-songy voice, telling the crowd, "We're not gonna keep singing," and that she would instead keep talking about the fans in need until they received attention.

"Just let me know when [you're good]" she said, before quipping, "I can do this all night!"

"You're good?" she said once the situation was handled, before yelling out a celebratory "Awesome!" and getting right back into the song.

But it wasn't long before another interruption occurred later during the same song when Swift unexpectedly got a cramp in her hand and had to briefly stop playing the guitar.

"My hand is frozen in a weird cramp," she told the crowd, calling the situation "embarrassing" before massaging her hands to warm them up and quickly getting right back into the song.

"This portion of surprise songs tonight was so chaotic," one fan wrote on X after the show. "Taylor pulling out a teacher line of 'I can do this all night' waiting for fans to be helped and then ending up with a hand cramp from playing guitar in the cold."

Someone else playfully trolled the singer, writing in another post, "'i can do this all night' *gets a hand cramp*."

"would've could've should've (extended 'help' version) (ft. hand cramp)," someone else joked in a tweet.

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