Fans Praise Taylor Swift’s ‘Prepared for Anything’ Dancers After Onstage ‘Errors Tour’ Rescue

As Taylor Swift's Eras Tour goes on, so does her "Errors Tour," and the singer smoothly moved on after the latest incident thanks to some quick help from one of her dancers.

During the pop star's show in Dublin, Ireland, on Saturday, June 29, fans highlighted how quickly a dancer adapted to rescue Swift during her performance of the song "The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived" from The Tortured Poets Department. In a clip shared online by a Swiftie, the performance started with Swift and a dancer named Jan Ravnik on lifted platforms.

While Ravnik's platforms successfully retracted into the floor, Swift was left on her high platform while the stairs disappeared, leaving her stranded. Looking around, Swift knelt down at the back of the platform where her dancer hurried over to meet her, sweeping her up and placing her safely on the floor. A different fan later shared their point of view from closer to the stage.

One fan proclaimed that Swift's dancers were "prepared for anything," as more wrote, "The best team everrrrrr! 🥹🫶😘," "They nail it no matter what!" and "I love how they handled the malfunction so smoothly."

"Quick thinking by Jan. Absolutely adore him, even more so now," said another, while more called him a "professional" and a "gentleman," as someone else joked, "Errors tour in full force😂."

A different Swiftie even wondered if the dancers and crew practice for possible scenarios like this, replying to the video, "Not them doing this perfect like it’s suppose to be like this. They practice these didn’t they?"

"This is so smooth it genuinely looks like it could be a part of the choreo," read a similar comment.

While there have been similar instances throughout the long Eras Tour, Swift and her crew have been just as quick and responsive, such as when the singer realized she wasn't in the right place as the stage started moving during a performance of "Wildest Dreams" earlier in June or when a dancer's zipper broke and she didn't let it affect her performance in the slightest back in May.

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