Taylor Swift Halts Song After Experiencing Physical Ailment at Eras Tour Show in Edinburgh

Taylor Swift performs onstage at The Eras Tour

Taylor Swift may be able to do it with a broken heart, but she needs both hands to play guitar.

The music superstar, 34, suddenly halted her performance during the Friday, June 7 Eras Tour concert, when she unexpectedly got a cramp in her hand in the middle of the acoustic set.

As seen in video footage from her surprise performance of the Midnights track "Would've, Could've, Should've," on the guitar, Swift briefly stopped playing to address the ailment, telling the audience, "My hand is frozen in a weird cramp."

Noting that her hand was "forming a claw" because of the cramp, Swift rubbed her hands together and massaged them to warm them up a bit.

"This is so embarrassing," she joked while fans cheered and patiently waited for her to recover.

"We got a new errors tour moment with the hand cramp," one Swiftie quipped on X after the performance went viral on Friday, while someone else said that a cramp was "bound to happen" to the musician, who has performed over 90 Eras Tour shows since last March.

"Do i make a bracelet that says hand cramp," another fan quipped.

Fortunately, the "Karma" songstress kept the show going like a true pro and resumed singing the rest of the song in less than a minute.

Putting the incident behind her, Swift further shocked the audience by mashing up the song with the 1989 track "I Know Places" before moving over to the piano to sing a combination of evermore's "'tis the damn season" and Lover's "Daylight."

Swift will perform two more concerts in Edinburgh on June 8 and 9—and hopefully, she will get through both nights cramp-free!

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