Taylor Swift Fans Find Truth of ‘Shedding’ Eras Tour Costume

Taylor Swift

Fans of Taylor Swift got to work investigating exactly what was going on after someone noticed a confusing detail about a costume she wears during the Reputation set of her ongoing Eras Tour.

Recently, Swifties called attention to a part of the costume that looked to be "shedding" sequins, leading some to suggest Swift give the costume a break and wear something else for some shows. There was also a theory that this was a purposeful addition to hint at the arrival of Reputation (Taylor's Version), one of two albums that Swift has yet to re-record.

But now, fans believe that the costume looked like it was shedding for a different reason, one that involved making the outfit comfortable and practical for the singer on stage.

A Swiftie whose X username is @DontBlameKeke took a deep dive into Eras Tour history to see if the panels on the costume that fans noticed were there during her past shows, saying, "I decided to do a little digging."

They concluded that the mesh panels were a part of the Reputation outfit all the way back in March of last year, as well as at her Detroit, Atlanta, and Sydney shows, among others.

Sharing their findings, the Swiftie declared the "shedding" parts "NOT new," and said that they believe they were purposely put there to limit issues that might be caused when Swift's arm brushes against her torso during her concerts.

"Sorry to say that we have 🤡 once again," the fan went on, joking.

When the discussion around the costume began, a few Swifties appeared to guess correctly about the panels and why they were there, with one saying that it was "so that the sleeve doesn't catch on them when her arm is at her side.” But overall, most people thought it was wear and tear or an Easter egg.

While we wouldn't put it past Swift to do something like this as a tease for future announcements, it appears that some costume details are only included to make it easier for her to perform.

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