Taylor Swift Fans Spot Subtle Tribute to Travis Kelce in New Lyric Video

Taylor Swift' Travis Kelce

Swifties are freaking out over a super discreet nod to Travis Kelce in the new lyric video for one of Taylor Swift's The Tortured Poets Department tracks.

After the music superstar dropped lyric videos for the 31 new songs released on Friday, April 19, some of her eagle-eyed fans noticed one song—already believed to be about Kelce—featured a subtle tribute to the football player in the lyric video.

In her song "So High School," Swift sings, "Cheeks pink in the twinkling lights. But while those lines are displayed on the screen for the lyric video, there are four letters in a different color font than the rest: TK and TS.

It's no coincidence that those letters spell out the initials of Swift, 34, and her lover. But the difference in the light pink letters among the rest of the white letters is so subtle it's almost undetectable to the naked eye.

Fans already suspected the song was about Kelce, 34, due to some of the hints mapped out in the lyrics.

Among them are the lines, "Get my car door, isn't that sweet?" which could be a reference to the viral moment caught on video when Kelce moved Swift's security out of the way to open the car door for his girlfriend himself when they were in NYC.

"So High School" also features the lyrics, "You know how to ball, I know Aristotle," referencing Kelce's career as a football player and Swift's tendency to indulge in the more intellectual parts of life.

Another line that speaks to her relationship with Kelce is when Swift sings, "You knew what you wanted and, boy, you got her."

As we know, Kelce famously tried to land a date with Swift by making a friendship bracelet with his number on it while seeing her perform in Kansas City over the summer. Though she never got the bracelet, it was just months later that the two were officially dating, and their love story has been a whirlwind ever since.

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