Taylor Swift Fans Divided Over Concertgoer Standing on Someone's Shoulders to Watch Eras Tour

Taylor Swift

Music lovers can get heated when fans don't adhere to concert etiquette rules. Don't stand directly in front of someone. No pushing. Wear deodorant. (You know, the basics.) However, Taylor Swift fans are divided after a concertgoer stood on someone's shoulders to watch an Eras Tour show.

In a clip circulating on social media, a woman sang and danced with her arms while standing on a man's shoulders as Swift sang "You Need to Calm Down." The video was seemingly from the pop superstars Lisbon, Portugal, concert stop in late May.

One TikTok user who posted the video declared, "Standing on your boyfriends shoulders at a @Taylor Swift concert is an all time move. A+ effort here. Impressive."

Someone in the comments joked, "The people around them more like 'you need to COME DOWN' 😫," while another lamented, "I always find a way to end up behind someone doing stuff like this 😭."

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Yet another TikTok user pictured the scenario from Swift's point of view, writing, "Imagine being on the stage then looking into the crowd and you're eye level with a fan."

"As crazy as that is. I'm slightly impressed lmao," another TikTok user shared.

Still, others pointed out how rude standing on someone's shoulders during a concert was. One person commented, "I'm sure everyone behind her was so excited for her 🫶🏻."

Someone else wrote, "The way I'd accidentally find a security guard and accidentally mention that she kicked me on the way up there. Oopsies!"

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Folks on X (formerly Twitter) seemed equally divided in their responses. One X user declared, "THAT'S THE MOST SERVING AUDIENCE STUNT I'VE SEEN," while another joked, "When cheerleaders get floor tickets to see taylor swift ."

Meanwhile, a different X user commented, "Ngl kinda rude af with everyone else around her," as another agreed, writing, "Yeah I hope she was only up for that little bit of time, and honestly I’m surprised the security guards didn’t tell her to get down? What if she fell onto other fans??"

What do you think about the Swiftie standing on someone's shoulders?

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