We Tasted And Ranked 11 Frozen Garlic Bread Brands From Worst To Best

Packages of frozen garlic bread
Packages of frozen garlic bread - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

When it comes to Italian food, there's nothing better than a heaping bowl of spaghetti accompanied by a good slice (or loaf) of garlic bread. But with so many brands of this buttery baked good available in the frozen aisle, which one should you choose?

While garlic bread isn't wholly Italian and is actually an Italian-American creation that stemmed from bruschetta, there are plenty of restaurants that feature this glorious option on the menu. Thick bread, a slathering of oil, garlic, butter, herbs, and sometimes cheese –- what's not to love?

For this one, I ran, quite quickly, to the freezer aisles to gather a variety of frozen garlic bread options because hey, who has time to make this delight from scratch? Not me. From fancy to budget, gluten-free to cheese topped, let's see which brands to forgo and which ones are truly the best of the best.

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11. Furlani Garlic Bread

Furlani Garlic Bread
Furlani Garlic Bread - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

Last on this list, and deservedly so, is Furlani Garlic Bread. From cooking to taste, I have nothing nice to say.

First impressions are everything, and for this option, we didn't have a great start to our relationship. I struggled to break the bread apart even after letting it sit. When I finally did get the loaf halves apart, the action had caused the bread to pull the interior off one of the sides, leaving an uneven coating on the top of the loaves. What was there was a very light coating of oil, garlic, and butter that didn't look super appetizing. And the taste definitely followed my assessment.

The verdict? This is the only option on the list that you couldn't pay me to eat again. This tasted way too garlicky but also unlike garlic bread. Lack of butter? I'm unsure, but this was a hard no. I swear between the garlic and the absence of other flavors, this almost tasted like plastic. I literally couldn't swallow the two bites I took. Ick. Keep on reading for an actual garlic bread experience that will make you smile and not spit.

10. Cole's Select Garlic Bread

Cole's Select Garlic Bread
Cole's Select Garlic Bread - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

Next on my list was another miss. I tried Cole's Select Garlic Bread, and this was another loaf option that did not want to cooperate. The directions said to put the bread in the oven open-faced, but that was nearly impossible, as it was frozen solid. I let it thaw for a bit and still couldn't separate the halves without breaking it, even using a knife. I let it cook a little and tried again, but to no avail, this loaf was stuck shut like a clam, which meant the top burned a little in a few spots.

After all of the struggle, it was time to try this massive bread loaf -- the biggest in the lineup. However, I was met with disappointment. The middle was cool, which was to be expected with my cooking fail, and the colors on the bread didn't look natural.

Overall, the flavor profile was super herbaceous. It wasn't necessarily bad, but between the hassle of cooking and the lackluster taste with minimal garlic essence, I'm all set. There are a lot of killer options out there, so my advice is to keep reading.

9. Great Value Garlic Texas Toast

Great Value Texas Toast
Great Value Texas Toast - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

I have to say, I didn't hate Great Value's Garlic Texas Toast. Walmart did an okay job with this frozen option, but okay is really the only thing I can say.

The appearance was great. It looked homemade and was nice and buttered with some herbs flaked on top. Once cooked, I found perfectly baked edges that were crisp and a soft middle with a light toasting on top. So far so good!

However, there wasn't much flavor to report. I got hints of butter and a touch of garlic, but overall, this option was super bland. To be clear: These toast pieces weren't bad, but if you like a lot of garlic or bold flavors, you won't find them here. I have to say, I appreciate the fact Walmart added a closure tab, so you can make these bad boys last in the freezer, too. Overall -- not bad, but keep scrolling.

8. Mama Cozzi's Five Cheese Texas Toast

Mama Cozzi's Texas Toast
Mama Cozzi's Texas Toast - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

For an Aldi snack find, I was expecting more. In the grand scheme of garlic bread, Mama Cozzi's Five Cheese Texas Toast was merely okay.

The toast pieces looked good going into the oven and had a welcoming smell as I took them out. The bread featured great textures with a crispy crust and super soft interior, but unfortunately, that's where my praise ends. With my first bite, I found no real flavor. There was a garlic taste but nothing from the cheese. I wouldn't say these tasted bad, but there was absolutely nothing special or standout here.

My final assessment: These were "fine." Aldi's garlic bread was lackluster, but wasn't anything close to the failures on this list. I also disliked the fact these pieces were smaller than the others and didn't have a closure tab. It's the little things, Aldi. You know better.

7. Market Pantry Garlic Bread

Market Pantry Garlic Bread
Market Pantry Garlic Bread - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

Placing No. 7 on this ranking is Target's Market Pantry Garlic Bread. This was another full loaf option that I struggled to open, but after letting it thaw for a few, it split without issue.

This one was a decent size and cooked up nicely based on the packaging, looking more like a homemade garlic bread than most. Overall, the bread was good, not great. It was a little soggy in some places, but I was too afraid to overcook it, as the edges began to brown with the listed cook time.

Regarding taste, this was one very garlic heavy, but there were also strong notes of butter and some herb. I did like this option, but with an overwhelming amount of garlic and a bread that didn't leave a lasting impression, Target's garlic bread wasn't my favorite. But honestly, I'd eat it again if put in front of me.

6. Katz Garlic Texas Toast

Katz Garlic Texas Toast
Katz Garlic Texas Toast - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

Katz Garlic Texas Toast took the No. 6 place on my ranking, and I have to say -- this one was pretty good. As someone who used to eat a lot of store-bought gluten-free bread, I could definitely tell this one was sans wheat. With that said, this was a great garlic bread option! The toast cooked up perfectly with crispy edges and a garlic and butter layer on the outside. However, that layer of flavor was not enough for me. There was a strong garlic smell, but the taste was more subdued than the others.

To be clear, Katz gluten-free Texas toast was still delicious. Personally, I'd rather have a less intense flavor profile to pair with my food versus something that is going to blow out my palate. I also have to note that Katz individually wrapped each piece of toast, making for easier storage and a longer shelf life. Gluten-free or not, this is a pretty good frozen option when it comes to garlic bread.

5. Pepperidge Farm Garlic Bread

Pepperidge Farm Garlic Bread
Pepperidge Farm Garlic Bread - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

Honestly, I didn't know Pepperidge Farm made garlic bread, as my brain always shifts to its delicious range of Milano cookies, so it was a real surprise when the brand placed in the top five. The directions said I could wrap this full loaf in tin foil and bake longer for a softer inside, but for the sake of keeping preparation as similar as I could, I went with the conventional cooking option like I did with the others.

What I didn't like from the get go was the spread. It was thick, a yellow color that felt too bright, and filled with herb flakes. I also didn't like the fact that when I took this one out of the oven, the top was bubbling; I didn't see that with any of the other options.

With my first bite, I didn't love this one, but that love grew over time. The bread was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside as expected, but the flavor was lacking garlic depth. Pepperidge Farm gives more butter flavoring than the others, but there was something about the spread that made me keep eating. I think because it was lighter on the garlic that I wanted more, keeping my palate balanced and satisfied.

Overall, I think there are better options out there, but something about this one just screams garlic bread. It has the look and taste without overdoing it.

4. Signature Select Original Garlic Bread

Signature Select Garlic Bread
Signature Select Garlic Bread - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

I have to say, the Signature Select brand, which can be found at stores such as Shaws, Star Market, and Safeway to name a few, has been impressing the heck out of me lately. For a grocery brand, it really knows its flavors, and that truth extends to its garlic bread options.

The brand's Original Garlic Bread was another win in my book. This full loaf option had really balanced favors of garlic and butter, with a touch of herb that added to the experience. What I loved most was that no one flavor overpowered my palate. The bread itself also had great textures. It cooked up nicely with a crispy outside and soft middle -- no soggy bread here!

Overall, this was simply a solid garlic bread experience with bold flavors that offer a little twist to traditional garlic bread. Signature Select offered a solid eating experience with a quintessential taste and look, plus a little extra.

3. Rudi's 3 Cheese With Garlic Texas Toast

Rudi's 3 Cheese Texas Toast
Rudi's 3 Cheese Texas Toast - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

I think the most surprising placement on my list was this one: Rudi's 3 Cheese with Garlic Texas Toast. These large pieces covered in cheese were a welcomed sight, one I was truly excited to try.

I loved the texture of this option. The pieces had super crispy edges with a soft and fluffy middle, but the cheese coating on top gave it a little extra crunch. Regarding taste, there was a good amount of garlic with hints of butter and light cheese. I think the sourdough bread really adds to the profile. This one felt indulgent without overdoing it. I also loved that two pieces were wrapped together, but there were only four in a package.

When it comes to favorites, this one makes the list. Rudi's is a must-try and has other flavors to explore. Check out the brand's gluten-free Texas toast option, too!

2. Wegmans Five Cheese Garlic Bread

Wegmans Five Cheese Garlic Bread
Wegmans Five Cheese Garlic Bread - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

My top the placements were really close when it came to naming a champion, so don't sleep on Wegmans 5-Cheese Garlic Bread. This option featured a full loaf with a generous cheese topping that tasted just as good as it looked. The cheese actually had flavor, too, and the garlic was in harmony with that profile.

I cooked the loaf a little longer for a crispier exterior (as noted on the packaging). I did find crispy edges but not the best crunch. The cheese was a little heavy on top, but the bread wasn't soggy. To be clear: This wasn't a deterrent at all, as the bread wasn't the star of the show –- the toppings were, and they really shined with bold flavors and balanced ingredients.

When it came down to it, I couldn't stop eating Wegmans' version of garlic bread. I highly recommend you give this one a try if you have a store near you!

1. New York Bakery Five Cheese Texas Toast

New York Bakery Texas Toast
New York Bakery Texas Toast - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

I honestly tried to put New York Bakery Five Cheese Texas Toast lower on my list, but with its epic flavor profile, that wasn't happening. This OG brand is known for killer Texas toast options, and truly, they are the stars of this frozen garlic bread show.

You simply can't touch this flavor, and I think it's the combination of so many killer cheeses mixed with that signature layer of garlic spread. What really got me was the fact there was so much flavor here, but it's balanced and done well. You can taste every ingredient, from the various cheeses to the herbs and garlic. It's pretty wild that New York is making Texas look bad with this frozen option. Regarding texture, these aspects were on point, too. I enjoyed crispy edges, a soft interior, and a light crisp on top from the cheese. We are looking at something close to perfection here.

With a helpful close tab for the bag, there was just something special about this one. The brand also offers a variety of flavors, so you can't go wrong with New York Bakery. See for yourself!

How We Chose The Best Frozen Garlic Bread

Garlic bread on cutting board
Garlic bread on cutting board - Bhofack2/Getty Images

For this taste test, I went all out. I scoured my area for any frozen garlic bread I could find and purchased each with excitement. My goal was to determine the best tasting bread, but textures and cooking ease played a part, as well.

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