The Southern Grandma-Approved Way To Eat Cabbage

It's a Mammaw staple!

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Summer has arrived and so has our need for new recipes to bring to potlucks, barbecues, and family gatherings. Obviously, every summer get-together needs hamburgers, hot dogs, macaroni salad, and pasta salad, but if you’re looking for a new side dish to wow your guests, this five-ingredient Southern cabbage recipe is the way to go.

You probably equate summer cabbage sides with coleslaw or cabbage salad. We love those too, but this quick-and-easy, warm side is a great way to switch it up — and it’s grandma-approved.

The sure-fire, Southern way to enjoy cabbage is tenderized in hot bacon grease.

Our top-rated Southern Fried Cabbage recipe has earned over 500 5-star reviews thanks to its flavorful cooking method. It starts by frying up bacon in vegetable oil, then wilting cabbage and onions in the leftover drippings. For even more flavor, you finish off the dish with a pinch of salt, pepper, and sugar.

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“Fried cabbage is a favorite at Mammaw's house! It's terrific with cornbread,” said recipe creator JNADX3.

The whole side comes together in 20 minutes and creates a savory dish that even cabbage haters won’t stop eating.

The beauty of Southern Fried Cabbage is that simple changes don’t take away from how delicious it is. If you don’t have bacon, try adding andouille sausage or ground Italian sausage. Don’t like white onion? Sweet or red work, too. Think it’s too greasy? Skip the vegetable oil and fry the cabbage in your leftover bacon grease.

No matter what suits you and your crowd, you’re sure to have a winner with this Southern classic. Seriously — you don’t have to take it from us. Just look at all those rave reviews.

“My family loves this recipe. It has a wonderful taste and so good with Ribs or Steak. We have a lot of get-togethers with friends and family and there are never any leftovers,” says recipe reviewer Kaylene.

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