Bras that don't cover your boobs take over Instagram

Penny Burfitt
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The revealing new underwear trend is high on skin, low on comfort. Photo: Instagram/loungeunderwear

Extreme fashion has officially invaded every layer of clothing you own because bras that don’t cover your boobs are now a thing and nobody knows why.

The worrying trend which seems to undermine the very purpose of underwear, can be traced back to underwear brand Lounge Underwear who are marketing a bralet that is heavy on the ‘let’, as in it’s letting the girls hang out all over the place.

If you thought the trend could never possibly take off, think again.

Tammy Hembrow gives it a tick

Notorious Instagram model Tammy Hembrow has uploaded a snap of her wearing the set and as we’ve seen with the barely-there bikini trend, once it has the Tammy tick it spreads quicker than lice in a daycare centre.

The itsy bitsy set is called the Essential Bralet and briefs and comes in a variety of colours and very few sizes apparently.

The narrow bra barely covers even the professional model’s breasts on the company’s website, so little hope remains for the average Jill expecting coverage in her day to day.

Fans confused at the set

Even the professional model is struggling for coverage. Photo: loungeunderwear

Unsure if it’s ill fitting or a bizarre fashion statement that, given it’s underwear, will most likely not be seen by the public fans of the brand flooded Instagram with comments, questions and mainly concerns.

On the original post by the brand the model is seen in a black version which leaves very little to the imagination.

“What size of bra the model is wearing and what is her size of breasts? Isn’t it a bit too small for her ? Or it should be like that?” a confused shopper asked on behalf of all of us.

“Am I the only one that thinks that top looks like a censor bar?” another wondered.

Tammy’s take on the tiny look prompted some advice from her fans as well.

“Too small love,” one helpful observer offered.

“When your order comes and it’s too small but you wear it anyways,” another joked.

The strange trend has permeated the mainstream however, being modelled by everyone from fitness models, to expectant mums.

Looks like underwear is headed for a revolution we don’t think we want to be a part of.

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