The Taco Bell Quesadilla Ordering Hack You Need To Start Trying

Taco Bell quesadilla
Taco Bell quesadilla - Keith Homan/Shutterstock

Taco Bell isn't necessarily known for having incredible quesadillas. In fact, we tasted and ranked seven fast food quesadillas and it came in last. The traditional type from Taco Bell has a reputation for being soggy, with cheese that isn't fully melted and proteins that easily slip out of the tortilla casing due to the copious amount of creamy jalapeño sauce. However, knowledge of the secret menu holds the key to a totally elevated version. If you want your quesadilla to be melted to perfection with a crispy, crunchy tortilla, ask for it double-grilled.

While Taco Bell won't specify this hack on menus, long-time customers have revealed that this is the key to a perfect quesadilla. One Reddit user and a big fan of the double-grilled hack wrote, "It's one of the best items when done right." However, achieving this outcome may require you to visit your local chain and talk to the employees in person.

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Taco Bell Quesadillas
Taco Bell Quesadillas - Instagram/mnmtwinz

This hack will improve any type of quesadilla you choose to order, whether you are opting for a classic cheese, an elevated steak, or the zesty shredded chicken from Taco Bell's new cantina chicken menu. However, after investigating both Taco Bell's website and the app, it appeared that there was a rather large roadblock if you are attempting this while ordering digitally. While you can add many different proteins, extra cheeses, and sauces to your entree, there was no check box for the option to have the item double grilled.

Users on Reddit ran into a similar struggle, pointing out that there seemed to be no place to type out any special instructions to your order such as asking them to double-grill your quesadilla. While you may be able to add written instructions in certain third-party ordering apps like DoorDash, employees may not always catch the note and you may end up with a traditionally prepared version. If you want to ensure that your quesadilla is made just how you like it, you'll have to walk in and order at the counter or head to the drive-thru and chat with the employee.

Perason holding taco bell quesadilla
Perason holding taco bell quesadilla - Instagram/recoveringinger

After realizing that this hack is an in-person exclusive, this Daily Meal writer had to make the trek over to my nearest Taco Bell and find out for myself. Upon arrival, I ordered a double-grilled chicken quesadilla and fortunately, the cashier understood the hack that I was referring to. If an employee isn't in the know, consider phrasing it differently: "Would you mind grilling my tortilla twice?" Most of the staff will be happy to flip over your quesadilla another few times before handing it over to you.

Upon first glance, the quesadilla did look slightly different than most Taco Bell quesadillas, with a significantly sturdier exterior and a darker, more charred tortilla. After one bite, I was convinced that this was absolutely the way to order quesadillas from Taco Bell. My memory of floppy, over-sauced fast food versions was quickly replaced by the perfectly melted cheese blend encased in two crunchy tortillas. Even the chicken somehow tasted better, as if the extra heat allowed the sauce that comes with Taco Bell's quesadillas to perfectly incorporate with my chosen protein.

If you haven't been to the fast food chain in a while or are looking to shake up your next order, I highly recommend trying this hack and ordering a double-grilled quesadilla.

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