Sydney shop bans customers from talking to staff about the coronavirus

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

After months of the coronavirus dominating headlines and causing hundreds of thousands of deaths all over the world one Sydney kebab shop has asked customers to give their staff a break from COVID-19 chat. 

In an effort to ‘keep staff spirits high’, the shop has posted a notice on the glass where customers would usually order their food, asking them to maybe think of a different topic to discuss over the counter. 

A Sydney kebab shop has put this notice on their counter. Photo: Reddit

“To ensure the best possible service and to keep our staff’s spirit high, we ask our dear customers to avoid discussing the COVID-19 pandemic  with our staff. Thank you,” the sign reads, according to a post on Reddit. 

In a sign of the times, many people on Reddit totally agree with the kebab shop owners, with one person even saying that they don’t want to hear anymore about the coronavirus ‘until they find a cure’.

“I’m sick of customers asking me if I’m happy to be back at work. I work in retail, hate my job and it has been stupidly busy since we reopened,” another person said. 

In Australia, restrictions are being eased all over the country. Photo: Getty Images

According to the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, 345,059 people have died globally from the coronavirus. 

There have been 102 deaths in Australia from COVID-19, with 7,109 cases confirmed.

In Australia, coronavirus restrictions are continuing to be eased across the country, with thousands today returning to the office and students heading back into the classroom in New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and the ACT.

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