'Totally irresponsible': Sydney salon forced to apologise over coronavirus 'tips' email

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

A salon in Sydney’s inner west has been forced to issue a grovelling apology after sending out an email filled with misleading tips on how their customers should act during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Yahoo Lifestyle Australia team received the email yesterday, with the salon detailing what they’re doing to combat the effect COVID-19 is having on their salon. 

A Sydney salon has been forced to apologise over a letter of 'tips' to combat coronavirus. Photo: Getty Images

“From what we know, we are still in low risk area, COVID-19 is generally not a serious threat to healthy people, with the severity being associated with age (+65) and underlying conditions, but we all need to do our part to help limit the spread of this virus, until there is some sort of vaccine or cure for those this virus does put at serious risk,” the email started. 

The salon then went on to say they are pausing their complimentary hand massage, are seating customers two metres apart and will be putting extra hand sanitisers out for guests to use. 

The salon sent out a COVID-19 update to clients. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Australia

They also said they would be disinfecting every station before use and making sure their staff don’t have any flu-like symptoms.

However, they then listed seven ‘tips’, which has left not just us, but many people online scratching their heads over.

“Sip warm water every 15 mins, the first ‘tip’ read,” a myth which has been debunked, with Stanford Health Care claiming that it’s “inaccurate information”. 

The next ‘tip’ stated that “28 degrees and above kills the virus”. The World Health Organisation has previously stated that the new coronavirus can be transmitted in areas with hot and humid climates. 

‘Tip’ number three was that you can “wash the virus down to the stomach and stomach acid kills it”. Again, this is linked to the “drink water every 15 minutes” tip and there is no evidence to support this claim. 

The salon listed out a number of 'tips'. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Australia

“Keep your nostril moist with FESS or perhaps FESS Frequent flyer (mouth and nostril are your common first point contact,” the next ‘tip reads. The World Health Organisation has said there is no evidence that regularly rinsing your nostrils with saline has protected people from infection. 

The email went on, telling people to:” “buy a bottle of Immune defense from vitamin section of your pharmacy and take regularly (its the only immune system booster has been shown clinically boost immune system. (check with your pharmacist if its suitable for you)”

“Reduce your alcohol intake, sleep well and eat well, exercise regularly to keep your immune system at optimal level.”

The last ‘tip’ was to “make sure your hair looks amazing”, with the salon claiming that when you look good your mood is good and this will “help with your immune system’.

The salon quickly issues an apology. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Australia.

Within an hour of sending out the initial email, the salon sent out an apology to their customers, saying: 

“This email is to clarify the previous email regarding COVID-19 Update at our salon.

“As we all know there is no treatment and no vaccination for COVID-19, we thought to share with you some tips we have heard from other (not clinically proven) resources. 

“Please disregard tips from the previous email as they are not clinically proven and not accurate.”

Twitter user and Sydney writer Alex McKinnon uploaded a screenshot of the email to his Twitter account, saying his wife had also received the bizarre notice from the salon. 

People were quick to slam them online, with one person calling the advice ‘totally irresponsible and another person calling it “hilariously awful”. 

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