Swifties Call Out 'Intrusive' Photos of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift on Vacation

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Now that the NFL season is over and the Eras Tour is on a two-month hiatus, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce can finally enjoy extended downtime together. Unfortunately, privacy is not guaranteed—and Swifities are calling out "intrusive" photos of the couple on vacation.

On Monday, March 19, the gossip blog Deuxmoi shared photos showing Swift and Kelce on a dock in an unclosed location. It is unclear whether the pop superstar and Kansas City Chiefs tight end were coming or going. However, blurry images showed Swift donning a baseball cap and sunglasses, likely to blend in and not draw attention to them.

See the photos of Swift and Kelce here.

In the comments, Swelce/Tayvis stans called out the invasion of privacy. One person wrote, "This is so intrusive, give them a break," while another commented, "Can we please let them be!"

Someone else shared, "What if, and hear me out, we start caring less about grainy blurry pictures and let people live? Hunting someone down on their planned vacation is not news."

Meanwhile, another person wrote, "I’m all for pop culture but this is so unfair to them!!!"

Yet another Instagram user pointed out, "Please stop, this promotes stalking and it’s wrong."

This is not the first time fans have called out paparazzi for overstepping for the sake of a photo. In February, the Australian media flew helicopters overhead as Swift and Kelce enjoyed a date at Sydney Zoo.

"I want to enjoy these pictures/videos, but instead, I just feel sick and freaked out," one X (formerly Twitter) user lamented. "Why were Australian news channels stalking her by helicopter?? I’m so frustrated, that wasn’t okay."

Hopefully, Kelce and Swift still enjoy their vacay despite the inevitable paparazzi trailing their every move.

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