Stranger's sweet gesture makes mum-to-be cry

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The mum-to-be received a heart-warming note in the mail Photo: Getty Images

A mum has taken to social media to share a kind gesture from a stranger, and it will restore your faith in humanity.

Kea Whiteman was certain she was going into labour early one morning, and realised the nursing bras she had ordered the night before would never arrive in time.

Desperate, she reached out to retail giant H&M hoping to move her order to the front of the queue.

While the customer service representative couldn’t change the order, Kea described her as a “beautiful, kind, and thoughtful person” who was more than willing to go above and beyond.

Just how far though, Kea never could have guessed. Two days after the panicked call, she opened the mail to find a mysterious handwritten note and an accompanying gift card.

When Kea Whiteman received this note it turned her day around Photo: Facebook

“Funnily enough as surprised as I was, I think I knew before I even started reading it that this was from her,” Kea tells Yahoo Lifestyle Australia.

“I think you can just tell when someone has a kind heart, and that I certainly could when I spoke to her on the phone.”

The heartwarming note sent the woman’s best wishes for Kea and her baby, as well as a gift card to help Kea ‘start a new journey’.

The mum-to-be ‘had to share’ the heart-warming story and posted it to social media.

“As you can imagine I completely burst into tears!” she said, adding the package ‘turned her day around’.

The mum’s story quickly attracted responses from other women who had had similar experiences with the clothing chain.

One mum had ordered a dress for her daughter who was on the autism spectrum. The little girl had just gone through surgery and the woman wanted a special present to greet her with.

When the dress got lost in the post, the retailer went above and beyond to make it up to her with a full refund, a replacement dress and a $50 gift card.

“H&M customer service is second to none,” the mum shared. “I love them!”

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An ex-employee said she had nothing but love for the company: “Hands down they are the best company I have ever worked for.”

Other mums shared their reactions saying the gesture was ‘beautiful’ and ‘amazing’.

“There are some wonderful people out there!” one woman summarised.

Kea says the note, and the kindness behind it, will be something she’ll always cherish.

“It’s going to go in my daughter’s baby book as a keepsake,” she said.

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