'Robbed': Survivor champ booted in shock ousting

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Survivor All Stars kicked off with a shock ousting. Photo: Ten

Survivor All Stars kicked off its first-ever series with a shock player getting the boot just one episode in.

The contestants assembled for their first tribal council which turned out to be something of a bloodbath, with just two players in the firing line, and one well and truly copping the bullets for the very first time.

Shane was booted from the competition before it even began. Photo: Ten

It was Olympian Shane Gould who was the very first to have her torch extinguished racking up eight votes out of a possible 12 votes.

It was a first for the 63-year-old who won the 2018 Champions vs. Contenders season in Fiji.

“Oh, I’ve got to get a torch don’t I?” she said while gathering her things.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever done this,” she added, somewhat pointedly referring to her champ status from her earlier appearance.

The simmering tension between Shane and fellow-Fiji alumni who were voted off by the Olympian in 2018 reared its head as Shane left the camp, with teammate Lydia taking a stab at the retreating contestant.

“Now you’ve experienced it,” she said.

Lydia fired a parting shot at the retreating Shane. Photo: Ten

Another former co-contestant, Shonee, seemed to agree.

“I already gave you half a million dollars; I think I’ve been generous enough,” she told the camera as she cast her vote for Shane.

Fans react

The teammates weren’t the only ones breathing a sigh of relief as the champion left the camp, fans online agreed the decision was the right one.

“Best decision to vote her off first,” one fan wrote.

“Karma,” another agreed.

Not all fans were on the same page however, with several convinced the former winner would take out the competition again.

As for the woman herself? Well, Shane left the game with one, telling reminder to viewers and contestants.

“I think people had revenge on their minds,” she said.

“They might have voted me out but at this stage, I’m still half a million dollars richer than they are.”

Australian Survivor: All-Stars airs Tuesday 7:30 pm on Ten.