Surprise ‘Bluey’ Episode Drops on Disney+ This Sunday

“Bluey” has returned for a surprise episode set to drop this weekend.

Appropriately titled “Surprise,” little is known about this sneaky new episode. Will the latest edition to the Bluey-verse emotionally devastate the parents of the world, similar to last weekend’s TV special?

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Details are scarce, but what we do know is that the brand-new episode will premiere on Sunday, April 21, on Disney+ at 12 a.m. PT and will also air on Disney Junior at 7 a.m. PT and on the Disney Channel at 7:30 a.m. PT.

Created by Joe Brumm, “Bluey” centers around a family of dogs named the Heelers (who also happen to be Blue Heelers). Bluey lives with her sister Bingo, her mother Chilli, and her father Bandit in Brisbane, Australia. Together, the Heeler family spends most episodes tackling the simple challenges of life (getting yard work down, trash day, or simply just trying to get out the door). But even the simplest of tasks is made uniquely adorable by the cast of puppy friends (all with delightful dog names like Socks, Muffin, Stripe, or Frisky) and the stunning world Brumm and the artists at Ludo have created. There are 153 episodes of “Bluey” spanning over seven years and three seasons.

Spoiler talk ahead: In the extended-length special “The Sign,” the Heeler family (along with every adult watching this show) has been reeling from the decision to sell the beloved family home. Thankfully, that purchase didn’t go through. Bluey and crew will be staying put in their iconic stained-glass house for now. One thing you can depend on with “Bluey” is that you never see the emotional twists and turns coming, but when they hit, they hit hard.

Fingers crossed the Heelers can find a bit of respite in this new surprise episode.

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