Sunrise hosts roast Andy Murray over stolen wedding ring debacle: 'Bizarre'

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The Sunrise hosts had a bit of fun on Friday morning, poking fun at tennis star Andy Murray who lost his wedding ring in a very strange way.

"Tennis star Andy Murray has issued a desperate plea online after his wedding ring was stolen," Edwina Bartholomew began the segment. "It's not your average case of theft though, the grand slam champion explaining his ring was tied to his shoes, which were taken."

An image of Sunrise host Edwina Bartholomew wearing a purple long-sleeved top on set
The Sunrise hosts have roasted Andy Murray after he revealed his wedding ring and tennis shoes had been stolen. Photo: Seven

They then cut to a shot of Andy saying, "I thought, I'm going to leave the shoes underneath the car to get some air to them and dry them out overnight. Anyway, when I got back to the car in the morning, the shoes were gone."

Eddie then offered "further information", saying, "Murray ties his wedding ring to his shoes when playing because he can't leave it on his finger."


She continued, "Surely Andy Murray has somewhere better to dry his shoes than on the street, under the car for starters!"

"There's a lot that's bizarre about this," Matt Doran, who was filling in for David Koch, said with Eddie agreeing.

An image of Sunrise hosts Edwina Bartholomew, Natalie Barr, Matt Moran and Mark Beretta seated around a desk on set
The Sunrise hosts were confused over how Andy managed to lose his ring and shoes. Photo: Seven

Sports reporter Mark Beretta jumped in saying, "The putting the ring on your shoelaces is not unusual, it does happen a bit, especially runners will do that."

"I like that idea," Matt added.

"Because it would slam against the racquet wouldn't it? It would clunk and be really annoying," Natalie Barr added.

Eddie then shared a personal story, adding, "It's not unusual for husbands to lose wedding rings either, as we have discovered in our own house."

Her co-hosts laughed and asked if Eddie's husband Neil Varcoe had managed to find it.

"No! He's got no idea where it is!" she responded.

An image of Mark Beretta on the Sunrise set
Mark seemingly felt bad for Eddy's husband after she revealed he'd lost his wedding ring. Photo: Seven
An image of Sunrise hosts Natalie Barr and Matt Doran chatting together on set
Matt Doran said he was excited to wear a ring despite being told not many men do. Photo: Seven

"You're kidding," Matt said, with Eddie simply responded, "No."

Nat then shared that her husband Andrew Thompson lost his as well, but they just bought another one. 

Eddie said they just decided it was a waste of money and that he's "footloose and fancy free out there" without a ring, with Matt joking, "This is a bombshell!"

It then started a conversation on how many men don't wear wedding rings, with Matt saying he wants one when he gets married. 

"I can't wait! Bring it on!" he told his co-hosts.

"Oh, a modern man, that's so cute!" Nat said to him with Edwina warning him, "Don't lose it, Matt."

Andy Murray took to Instagram this morning to share a message to thank everyone who shared the story because he'd found his shoes and wedding ring! 

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