Sunrise hosts react to school cancelling Grease musical: 'Inappropriate'

The Sunrise hosts have reacted after learning two Aussie high schools have cancelled a co-production of the musical Grease due to concerns it was "inappropriate for modern times".

"Students in the Presbyterian Ladies College in Perth voiced their apprehension about the musical's themes of content," Edwina Bartholomew revealed during a news segment on Monday.

Sunrise host Edwina Bartholomew
The Sunrise hosts have reacted after two schools decided to cancel a performance of Grease because it was 'inappropriate'. Photo: Seven

"Some of the girls were said to have found Grease to be offensive, sexist and anti-feminist. Boys' school Scotch College agreed a different musical would be more suitable."

She then joked, "They can't put on Mary Poppins because she disciplines the children. Sound of Music, you know, does it does it portray a blended family accurately? I don't know, it's complicated."

"What are they deciding on?" David 'Kochie' Koch questioned.

"I don't know, The Book of Mormon?" Edwina responded, with the hosts laughing at the idea.


"That would be worse!" Nat Barr said through laughter. "We're cancelling everything that happened before last year, because it's inappropriate, it's out of date!"

"Exactly right, maybe Hamilton? Too many words!" Edwina added.

Facebook users slammed the idea that Grease was inappropriate, with one user writing, "I did Grease as a production at school and guess what...I’m OK!!"

Modern-day audiences have slammed Grease, with many saying it's sexist and promotes toxic masculinity to name just a few. Photo: Getty

"So what’s wrong with being offended!!!!!" another wrote. "Not everything in life is a bed of roses. Someone's always offended by something. Way to many snowflakes, need to toughen up. I’m sure the complainers have watched much worse than grease."

"How ridiculous, Grease is a very good education on what can happen in different situations in life... today's children are snowflakes," a third added.

"What an absolute joke. It's less harmful than a lot of movies out now which just has violence all the time," someone else wrote.

However, others thought it was great that the students were standing up for what they believe in, with one user writing, "Although this may have gone a little too far, I’m proud of the girls for free thinking and standing up for what they believe."

The Sunrise hosts natalie barr and david koch
The Sunrise hosts joked that the kids will need to find a musical that was written within the last year, because everything else is cancelled. Photo: Seven

One person slammed Sunrise and other people online for 'shaming' the girls.

"Such a shame that Sunrise is gaslighting the girls in those schools for expressing their views about what they are comfortable participating in. So disappointing. This kind of shaming is why girls and women don’t feel safe to speak up about what makes them uncomfortable," they said.

Another added, "Calm yourselves you big, tough, reactionary, so-called adults - nobody is banning anything. Do you feel all big and tough attacking the decision of kids not to perform a school play?"

They continued, "Students, actively participating in learning & building a better future, have chosen not to participate in a production that promotes sexism & sexual violence because they aren't comfortable portraying the characters. Would you continue to attack, mock & vilify if it were your children? Would you force your own children to participate in an activity they weren't sexually comfortable with? Take a breath & grow TF up."

It's not the first time people have 'cancelled' Grease, with many people suggesting it's sexist and promotes toxic masculinity. These are just a few of the issues modern-day audiences have with the film.

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